Julius Francis’ Net Worth: How Much Does The Former Pro Boxer Earn?

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Julius Francis
Julius Francis

Julius Francis is a former British boxer who was fairly prominent from the mid-90s to the early 2000s. Starting from humble beginnings, Julius Francis turned pro at the age of 28 years old, when he won a five-round knockout match against Graham Arnold. Other notable fights of his include his feuds with Damien Caesar and Keith Fletcher, which put him on the map in the boxing world. Julius Francis further gained popularity in the media after his match with Mike Tyson in 2000. This marked the most decorated fight in his career. He would go on to have moderate success after his match with Tyson, with him eventually hanging up the gloves in 2006. 

Now fast forward to 2022, Julius Francis works as security at Boxpark Wembley, and he went viral for knocking out an individual outside the club. The police are reviewing the footage, and as of now, no arrests have been made. The owners of Boxpark have come out in support of Julius Francis while also maintaining that the security and safety of the customers are their number one priority. However, with the footage suddenly popping up on social media, one cannot help but wonder how well Julius Francis is doing nowadays since he is working as a security. Thus we bring you a detailed report on the early life and net worth of former boxer Julius Francis.

Julius Francis
Julius Francis vs Mike Tyson in 2000

Julius Francis Early Life

Julius Francis was born in Peckham, London, on the 8th of December 1964. He is British by nationality and is Christian by religion. He had a troubled youth before he found his calling in boxing. He claimed in an interview back in 2012 that he served time in almost every prison in London except Holloway and even ran riot as a Millwall football hooligan. His saving grace was boxing which dragged him away from the life of crime and gave him a fair chance at life.

Julius Francis’ Net Worth, Career Earning

As of 2022, Julius Francis has been reported to be worth USD 3 million. It can be difficult to draw an actual net worth of a person unless it has been reported by the person himself, however, going by our calculations, who once upon a time did earn USD 5 million, a net worth of around USD 3 million seems probable.

Julius Francis
Julius Francis

A professional boxer in the UK in 2022 has the potential to earn $2,225 per night on average. However, considering that he was active 2 decades ago, by today’s standards, he might not be getting the same range, but he did not get less.

While many sites suggest that Julius Francis’s net worth is USD 200 Thousand, nobody on the internet has full disclosure on the exact amount since Julius himself has not revealed that information. However, considering the additional revenues plus his current job as security personnel, Julius Francis’s net worth might be more than $3 Million, owing to all the life savings.

Awards won by Julius Francis

Julius Francis, on turning professional, was able to win the regional Southern Area title. He would go on to lose it but eventually reclaim it as well. He would also contend for the European Championship in 1997. However, he was unable to win the belt. However, he did go on to win the Commonwealth and British belts in 1997. He further defended the British belt 3 times in his career and 4 times for the Commonwealth belt. He would also be the proud winner of the prestigious Lonsdale Belt, which is awarded to British champions who win three domestic title fights.

Mike Tyson vs Julius Francis

In what was the most monumental fight of his career, Julius Francis faced off against the former World heavyweight boxing champion and legend Mike Tyson on the 29th of January, 2000. The feared Mike Tyson was on a career decline and inching towards his retirement. Whereas Francis was fresh off three straight victories in London and also held the Commonwealth and British belts. On paper, Julius Francis had a much better chance, however, as soon as the fight started, the gulf in experience and intensity widened. Mike Tyson was able to dominate the majority of the match scoring five knockdowns over Francis in four minutes. However, being a fighting champion, Francis did not give in and fought heroically in the second round. Unfortunately, Julius Francis was unable to win the bout, with the eventual winner being Mike Tyson. 

Now, it has been recently reported that due to the altercation outside Boxpark, Julius Francis has lost his security license and is now looking for a rematch, 22 years later, against Mike Tyson who himself has been quite active on the social media showing off his impressive shape and boxing skills.

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