Kevin Stefanski commented on the new kickoff rule, stating that it’s uncertain how it will play out exactly

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Kevin Stefanski

Following the NFL’s introduction of a new kickoff rule, teams across the league are strategizing to gain an advantage for the upcoming season.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski mentioned that he, along with special teams coordinator Bubba Ventrone, special teams assistant Stephen Bravo-Brown, and team consultant Mike Vrabel, have been extensively analyzing the play.

“It’s a new thing for everyone,” Stefanski stated during his Tuesday press conference. “So, we see this as a fantastic chance in the league to introduce an exciting play to the game, providing another opportunity for an offensive player to make a move.

It also gives a chance for defensive players or offensive players on special teams to make tackles. We’re excited about what it offers, but we’re still figuring it out.”

“I don’t think anyone in the league can predict exactly how it will unfold,” Stefanski added, “but it presents an opportunity for us, so we’ve dedicated a lot of time to studying it.

Bubba has even been practicing indoors, wearing a helmet, and going through drills. We want to be as ready as possible. However, I’m not sure any team knows exactly how it will play out.”

Kevin Stefanski (Credits: Dawgs by Nature)

Considering it provides another chance for a touch, Stefanski noted that the new kickoff rule could influence Cleveland’s roster decisions.

“It’s another interesting question,” Stefanski commented. “Perhaps, it’s hard to say for sure because we don’t have a clear picture of how the play will unfold. We have some ideas, and we’re considering which player and body type might be better suited for this new hybrid kickoff. But honestly, I’m not sure if anyone can say for certain.”

However, Stefanski is optimistic about the change. “We support keeping the ‘foot’ in ‘football,'” Stefanski expressed. “We believe in providing an exciting play for our fans.

Our players understand that even though we’re unsure about the specifics, it will still involve blocking, tackling, and running.

“So, while the play itself will be new, it’s still the game we know. We have a plan for how to approach it, but we must be prepared to adapt as the season progresses and teams experiment with different strategies.

That’s the exciting part for us, we’re reintroducing an exciting element into the game.”


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