On the same day an ESPN article criticized Bill Belichick, ESPN revealed they had hired Bill Belichick

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Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick (Credits: The Register-Herald)

On Wednesday, Bill Belichick was at the center of attention in two different situations.

First, in the morning, there was a detailed article on ESPN.com discussing Belichick’s unsuccessful job search for 2024. Then, in the afternoon, Belichick was officially introduced as an ESPN employee on the Pat McAfee Show.

During the day, the McAfee Show responded strongly to the ESPN article, critiquing it and questioning its validity. Clips and quotes from the show were compiled by AwfulAnnouncing.com.

This is a notable departure from previous instances where authors of such articles would appear on ESPN shows to discuss and promote their work. None of the authors of the article in question appeared on the McAfee Show to address or defend their reporting. Instead, the article was heavily criticized, with strong language used.

The most significant aspect of the article appears to lack strong evidence. The claim that Patriots owner Robert Kraft advised Falcons owner Arthur Blank not to trust Belichick was not directly attributed to a credible source.

Instead, it was based on information from sources who were several steps removed from the actual conversation.

It’s unusual for such a controversial report to rely on such a convoluted chain of sources. So why did it happen this way?

Bill Belichick

One theory or hypothesis is that ESPN was aware of Belichick’s impending announcement as an employee later in the day. Perhaps someone at ESPN decided that while it might be awkward for the report to come out in the morning, it would have been even worse if it had been released on a different day.

Maybe they waited until they had better sources to make such a significant claim. Perhaps they published the article because they knew it would be harder to do so after Belichick’s announcement on McAfee’s draft show.

It’s good to see ESPN allowing McAfee and his team to speak freely. However, this situation could lead to hard feelings and ongoing issues within the organization.

It will be interesting to see how the authors of the article respond. Will they ignore it? Will they address it internally or externally? These questions arise from Wednesday’s events and add an interesting dynamic that could attract more attention to ESPN and its platforms.


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