Leaked Recording: Klay Thompson’s Explicit Trash Talk Aimed at CJ McCollum During Pelicans vs Warriors Game

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Thompson (left) and Mcollum (right) ( Credit:PinkVilla)

Trash talk is a common sight on the basketball court, adding to the energy of the game and engaging fans. However, a recent exchange between CJ McCollum and Klay Thompson took a heated turn, with Thompson reminding McCollum of their history on the court.

McCollum initiated the exchange by challenging Thompson to post up again, followed by insults aimed at other Warriors players. However, when Thompson entered the fray, he didn’t hold back, asserting his dominance over McCollum.

Klay Thompson
Thompson during an NBA encounter with Golden State Warriors (Credit: RealGM)

“I’ve been busting your a*s for years. For 10 motherf*****g years,” Thompson asserted, backed by his impressive record against McCollum.

In the regular season, Thompson boasts 17 victories out of 24 games against McCollum, with an even more impressive playoff record of just one loss out of 13 encounters.

Despite McCollum’s Pelicans securing a victory in the game with his 28-point performance, Thompson’s playoff success against him remains undeniable, overshadowing any regular-season triumph.

Both players are renowned scorers, with Thompson averaging 22.8 points in the regular season and 24.2 points in the playoffs against McCollum.

McCollum, on the other hand, maintains averages of 21.9 points in the regular season and 18.5 points in the playoffs against Thompson.

The on-court rivalry between Thompson and McCollum adds an extra layer of intensity to their matchups, showcasing their competitive spirit and talent on the court.


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