NFL Draft Betting: Top Wagers to Consider for First-Round Prospects and Draft Positions

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As the NFL draft approaches, the excitement builds with various betting options available across sportsbooks. From predicting the first pick to players’ draft positions, the possibilities are endless.

One intriguing bet revolves around J.J. McCarthy’s potential draft position. With the Bears, Commanders, and possibly the Patriots likely to pick quarterbacks early, McCarthy could be the next signal-caller off the board.

The Cardinals hold the fourth pick, with the Chargers following at fifth. While the Chargers may not opt for a QB, teams like the Giants, Vikings, and Broncos could trade up to secure McCarthy if they’re in need.

JC Latham (Credits: Yard Breaker)

Another bet centers on becoming the first offensive lineman drafted. Though considered a long shot, there’s a case for Latham to join the Chargers as a right tackle, addressing a key need for the team.

With Latham potentially fitting the Chargers’ requirements better than other prospects, this wager presents an interesting opportunity. Finally, an over/under bet on wide receivers drafted in the first round adds another layer of excitement.

Marvin Harrison Jr.
Marvin Harrison Jr. (Credits: Oregon, Ohio)

With several standout receivers projected to go early, including Malik Nabers and Rome Odzune, along with others like Brian Thomas Jr. and Xavier Worthy, the chances of at least seven receivers being drafted in the first round seem promising.

As the NFL draft approaches, these betting options offer fans a chance to engage with the event uniquely and excitingly.


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