Mario Andretti stands defiant in the face of F1 rejection, declaring, “If they crave blood, then I am prepared”

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Mario Andretti

Mario Andretti expressed deep dismay on Friday over the way Formula One Management rejected his family and General Motors’ bid to join the global motorsports series.

The 1978 Formula 1 champion took to social media to convey his devastation after F1 turned down their application to expand the current grid for a two-car American team.

The rejection, issued at the end of January following a six-month review, was particularly personal for Mario and Michael Andretti, as well as for GM, which intends to collaborate with Andretti in F1 under its Cadillac brand.

F1’s reasoning included doubts about Andretti’s competitiveness as a team, skepticism about the value the Andretti name would bring to the series, and concerns about the challenges Andretti would face in joining the grid within the next two years.

Mario Andretti expressed feeling offended by these claims, emphasizing the significant investment their participation would represent for the series and questioning why their offer wasn’t welcomed.

He highlighted the potential added value to the series with 11 teams instead of 10 and called for clarity regarding the true reasons behind the rejection.

When Formula One doubted GM’s ability to provide an engine for the new team and then suggested finding another partner besides Andretti, Andretti felt even more offended.

“That’s another offensive statement there. We’re the ones that worked it out, and GM said it over and over, ‘Andretti or nothing,’ and then (F1) still tried to take it,” Andretti said.

“There’s an undercurrent there that I don’t understand, quite honestly, but if they want blood, well, I’m ready.”

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Andretti Cadillac recently opened a new facility for its F1 operation in Silverstone, England. The 48,000-square-foot shop is up and running, and the team and GM insist that “work continues at pace” on its attempt to enter F1.

After the facility opening, the Andretti leadership group had one of its first official meetings with FOM — an email request late last year from F1’s governing body to meet with Andretti went to an Andretti spam folder — and Andretti said the groups agreed to meet again next month at the Miami Grand Prix.

“We only had one meeting with them. That’s a problem. We haven’t had enough. I think that’s why I really welcome our next meeting. You know, let’s sit down,” Andretti said.

“There were some opportunities missed along the way, but we’ve got to look forward, not back. I’m remaining hopeful because we never stop working towards this.

“It was made clear that our work is at pace, and as you can see we’re not just talking. We’re putting brick and mortar together. We’ve shown that with the team that already has a place in Silverstone.”

“We’re trying to convey ‘We’ll do whatever you ask of us. We’ll do whatever is there. Now, if you think of something, you tell us,'” Andretti continued.

“But they haven’t told us yet except for some excuses like, ‘Oh we don’t want you coming on, we don’t want you to be embarrassed.’

But we don’t want to embarrass ourselves, and the fact is General Motors has made it so clear that they’re excited about this project. They have a long-term commitment there, and I don’t know what else we can do.

“The rules say that 11 or 12 teams is legal,” said Andretti, who added the team is committed to fielding entries in F2 and F3 to facilitate some American talents. “We’re all-in, and I don’t know what else to do.”


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