NHL 2023-24 Season Grades: Assessing Teams Before Playoff Showdowns Begin

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As the curtains draw on the 2023-24 NHL regular season, it’s time for the last assessment of each team’s performance before the playoffs kick off.

From standout rookie performances to franchise relocations, this season has been nothing short of eventful, with narratives weaving through each team’s journey.

In the final edition of the NHL power rankings, we’ll evaluate each team’s season on a grading scale from A-plus to F, reflecting on their achievements and areas for improvement.

The New York Rangers lead the pack with an A-plus grade, clinching the Presidents’ Trophy in a historic season under the leadership of head coach Peter Laviolette.

Following closely are the Dallas Stars and the Carolina Hurricanes, both earning A-plus grades for their remarkable performances throughout the season.

Carolina Hurricanes With the Power-packed Performances (Credits: NHL)

The Winnipeg Jets also earned an A-plus grade, demonstrating resilience and strength, particularly in their defensive game, led by goaltender Connor Hellebuyck.

The Vancouver Canucks surprise many with an A-plus grade, clinching the Pacific Division title behind Quinn Hughes’ stellar season, showcasing their offensive prowess.

Meanwhile, the Boston Bruins secure a B-plus grade, maintaining consistency despite facing challenges in their defensive and goaltending departments.

The Florida Panthers shine with an A-plus grade, overcoming obstacles to clinch the division title and boasting a formidable offensive lineup.

Boston Bruins

The Edmonton Oilers, led by superstar Connor McDavid, earned a B-plus grade, showcasing resilience and determination throughout the season.

In contrast, the Pittsburgh Penguins receive a C-minus grade, facing challenges following the Erik Karlsson acquisition and navigating uncertainties about their future.

Each team’s grade reflects their journey throughout the season, highlighting their strengths and areas for growth as they gear up for playoff action.


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