Max Holloway Fires Back at Critics Ahead of UFC 300 Showdown with Justin Gaethje

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Max Holloway: ‘No excuses’ ahead of Justin Gaethje clash

Max Holloway has a clear message for those who doubt him as he gears up for his highly anticipated UFC 300 clash against Justin Gaethje.

The seasoned former featherweight champion is stepping into the lightweight division once more to face off against Gaethje, a formidable opponent in his own right. The stakes are high, with the victor set to claim the coveted title of the UFC’s latest ‘BMF’ champion.

Over the past decade, Holloway has tasted defeat at the hands of only two opponents: Alexander Volkanovski, whom he faced three times, and Dustin Poirier. The bout against Poirier, which took place five years ago for the UFC’s interim lightweight championship, remains his sole outing at 155-pounds in the UFC. However, Holloway is adamant that this defeat will not influence his upcoming showdown with Gaethje in Las Vegas.

Max Holloway
Max Holloway (Credits: MMA Fighting)

Addressing his critics on his YouTube channel, as reported by MMA Fighting, Holloway emphasized that he holds no excuses for his previous loss. He acknowledges the short camp he had for that fight but asserts that this time around, with ample preparation, he feels strong and ready to prove himself.

“Everybody keeps on bringing up the fight with Poirier, the 155 fight,” he stated. “It is what it is, I said what I said. No excuses. I just had six weeks for that camp. This came, we had 10 or more weeks. I can’t even — I don’t even remember how long we had, that’s how long we had. So, at the end of the day, I feel strong. I feel great. I can’t wait to go out there and prove [it].”

Looking ahead to the highly anticipated clash, Holloway remains unfazed by the doubts surrounding him. He believes his performance in the octagon will silence his detractors.

“I’m sick and tired of everybody telling me what I gotta think, how I do, putting a limit on me,” he asserted. “Just because you put a limit on yourself, don’t put a limit on others. You guys’ limit is sky, I’m reaching for the stars, other universes. We’re not the same.”

With confidence in his abilities and a determination to prove his worth, Holloway is ready to showcase the difference come April 13. As anticipation builds for what promises to be a highlight of the UFC’s blockbuster pay-per-view event at the T-Mobile Arena, Holloway is poised to make a statement that resonates far beyond the octagon.


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