Nelson Sets Sights on Landwehr Showdown: A Potential Clash of MMA Titans

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Kyle Nelson calls out fellow UFC Atlantic City winner Nate Landwehr: “We’ll see him go to sleep”

Nelson is eyeing a showdown with Landwehr, expressing his long-standing interest in facing the fellow MMA athlete. Speaking to reporters backstage at Boardwalk Hall, Nelson revealed, “Nate has been on my radar for a long time. We fought at UFC Vancouver in Canada together, and all the 145ers are on my radar. Nate had a good performance tonight. I like to stand and bang, he likes to stand and bang, so it makes sense to me.”

Kyle Nelson
Kyle Nelson (Credits: MMA Junkie)

Confident in his abilities, Nelson anticipates a similar bout to his recent one. He acknowledges Landwehr’s toughness but believes he can deliver the decisive blows this time around. “It’s probably going to be pretty similar to the one I just had,” Nelson commented. “Nate is also a very tough guy. I think I’m going to hit him with some hard shots, and this time we’ll see him go to sleep.”

The prospect of this potential match-up sparks excitement within the MMA community. Both fighters may opt to take some time off to recuperate before stepping into the octagon, particularly if Landwehr is amenable to scheduling the fight for later in the year.


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