Max Verstappen Wins F1 French Grand Prix 2022: Leclerc Crashes Out

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Max Verstappen Wins F1 French Open Frand Prix 2022 Feature
Max Verstappen

After many ups and downs, Max Verstappen wins the F1 French Grand Prix 2022. After the qualifying rounds yesterday, Charles Leclerc had taken the pole position, followed by Max and Perez. Lewis Hamilton managed to take the fourth position in the race. Even a day before the qualifying, Charles was ahead of everybody in the practice rounds. He showed real mettle going into the qualifying rounds and looked favourite to win the F1 French Open 2022. However, things dramatically changed in the race when Leclerc hit his car into the wall. An unfortunate thing to happen at a stage where this win could have potentially brought him a lot closer to Max. Verstappen is now the sole leader of the race driver standings. It will be very difficult to replace him now.

The F1 French Open 2022 recorded the maximum attendance for the season. There is speculation that this could be the last French Grand Prix. If that is the case, then what a wonderful ending for Max Verstappen. On its surface, Paul Richard might have hosted all the race drivers for the last time. Overall, the race was quite an interesting one for the fans to witness. Now that everyone is done with the French Grand Prix, it is time to focus on the next one. There is hardly any time left as the Hungarian GP is just a week away. This article will discuss the French GP race in detail as to what happened exactly.

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Max Verstappen Wins F1 French Grand Prix: How It Happened?

On Sunday, Max Verstappen won the F1 French Grand Prix in style. Even though he did not win the pole position, he somehow managed to win the race. Charles Leclerc dominated both Friday’s practice sessions and Saturday’s qualifying. He took the pole position coming into the race, followed by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. It looked like a smooth win for Leclerc until the 18th lap. He was leading his way into the race, which had a total of 53 laps. Unfortunately, on the 18th lap, he crashed his car into the wall and was immediately out of the race. This was a perfect opportunity for Charles to make the championship table more interesting. He has even admitted that it was his own mistake that the car crashed.

Max Verstappen Wins F1 French Open 2022 Feature
Max Verstappen

This became an open invitation for Verstappen to take the lead. Once he took the lead, there was no stopping him. From the 19th lap onwards, Max maintained his first position till the end of 53 laps. Now his lead at the top of the championship table is even greater than before. The way things are going, Max would have to perform consistently very badly to lose the title. Considering the current situation, Max looks very comfortable winning back-to-back championships.

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