Odds surface regarding the team Tom Brady might join next

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Tom Brady
Tom Brady (Credits: Awful Announcing)

Some people who are tired of hearing about players like Brady and Aaron Rodgers might not want to talk about it, but when they make headlines, it’s important to cover the news and what happens next.

Brady made headlines this week by suggesting he might come out of retirement to join a competitive team that needs a quarterback later in the 2024 season. He specifically mentioned the Raiders and the Patriots. His comments have led to the creation of betting odds by Covers.com, linking him to certain teams.

The first question is whether he will return at all, with odds of 10-1. With the number of quarterback injuries last year and his interest in being called if it happens again in 2024, Brady’s return isn’t out of the question.

There are also odds that Brady will return. The favorites are the Raiders at +125, followed by the Patriots at +300, the Bucs at +500, the 49ers at +900, the Dolphins at +1200, the Jets at +2000, and any other team at +500.

Tom Brady (Credits: Bleacher Report)

The Raiders and Patriots are favored because he mentioned them, and they fit certain criteria. This suggests he might have been inviting any quarterback-needy teams to contact him.

This could also put the Broncos in the mix, given Brady’s connection with Denver coach Sean Payton. The Vikings and Giants could also be options if they don’t find a quarterback in the draft or if Daniel Jones’s position becomes uncertain.

For teams like the Bucs, 49ers, Dolphins, and Jets, Brady would only become an option if their starting quarterbacks were injured. Despite San Francisco’s interest last year, it would be difficult to convince their current quarterback, Brock Purdy, to step aside for Brady, it’s surprising to hear Brady, who turns 47 in August, openly considering a return to the game.

His name will now be mentioned whenever a quarterback gets injured, especially if it’s during a game he’s covering for Fox. If he does return, it would delay his broadcasting career for at least another year.


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