Xavier Watts Aims to Enhance His Performance and Assume Leadership

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Xavier Watts Wants To Improve His Game And Become A Leader

Xavier Watts’ journey to becoming an All-American at Notre Dame was far from conventional. Initially recruited as a wide receiver, Watts spent his first three seasons toggling between offense and defense before solidifying his role at safety late in the 2022 season. Despite this unconventional path, Watts flourished once he found his niche, emerging as a standout player poised for further success.

During the 2023 season, Watts achieved a significant breakthrough, earning unanimous All-America recognition and securing the prestigious Bronko Nagurski Award by intercepting the ball seven times, an achievement that tied for the national lead.

Noteworthy was the fact that each of these interceptions directly contributed to points for the Notre Dame offense, highlighting Watts’ profound influence on the team’s triumphs. Despite tempting opportunities in the NFL, Watts made the decision to come back for a fifth and final season, motivated by his determination to hone his abilities and enhance his on-field performance.

Xavier Watts
Xavier Watts (Credits: BVM Sports)

Reflecting on his evolution as a player, Watts attributes his growth to a newfound sense of comfort and veteran mindset. Transitioning from a newcomer to a seasoned player, he emphasizes the importance of understanding defensive strategies, commanding the defense, and assuming leadership responsibilities within the team.

Assuming the role of a mentor and leader has been a transformative experience for Watts, as he witnesses the development and dedication of younger players in the secondary. Embracing his role as a guiding figure, Watts finds fulfillment in nurturing the talents of his teammates while simultaneously elevating his own game through coaching and leadership.

Watts’ decision to return for the 2024 season stems from his desire to push his boundaries and reach new heights as a player. Despite his impressive performance in the previous season, Watts remains determined to refine his skills and strive for excellence, aiming to become an even more formidable force on the field.

For Notre Dame fans, the prospect of an enhanced Watts is exciting, signaling potential trouble for opposing teams. While his individual improvements may not always be immediately apparent, his impact as a leader and mentor will undoubtedly resonate throughout the team, further solidifying his pivotal role in Notre Dame’s pursuit of success on the gridiron.



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