On his inaugural day of the Chargers’ offseason program, Jim Harbaugh gets into work

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Jim Harbaugh (Credits: SI.com)

On the Los Angeles Chargers’ first day of offseason training, Jim Harbaugh wasted no time. Instead of addressing the whole team at once about their upcoming goals, Harbaugh started with the offense, introducing his strategies. Afterward, they hit the weight room for a lift session. Then, he met with the defense.

Harbaugh emphasized the importance of physicality, aiming for the team to be one of the toughest in the league. This mentality was evident in the meetings and presentations, highlighting the goal to outmatch opponents physically.

Jim Harbaugh (Credits: Yard Breaker)

During the initial two weeks, coaching will primarily occur in the meeting rooms. Players will get acquainted with Ben Herbert, the Chargers’ new executive director of player performance. Herbert, who previously worked with Harbaugh at Michigan, focuses on injury prevention and conditioning.

Herbert stresses attention to detail, ensuring everything from weight plates to training methods are done meticulously. This approach, coupled with the players’ commitment, contributed to Michigan’s success in minimizing injuries during their championship run.


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