On This Day: Celebrating 40 Years Since Hendrick Motorsports’ First NASCAR Victory at Martinsville

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Since its establishment in 1984, Hendrick Motorsports has evolved into a titan within the NASCAR realm. Recognized as the “winningest team” in NASCAR history, Rick Hendrick’s brainchild boasts an impressive tally of 301 point-paying race victories and an astonishing 14 championships.

Their dominance extends beyond mere wins, encompassing records in pole positions, top-10 finishes, top-5 finishes, and laps led. Despite their already extensive list of achievements, Hendrick Motorsports continues to uphold a standard of unwavering consistency.

To fully appreciate the magnitude of Hendrick Motorsports’ success, it’s essential to revisit a pivotal moment in its history: the team’s inaugural victory in the Cup Series. This triumph wasn’t merely a statistic; it served as a lifeline, preventing Rick Hendrick from shuttering the team that same year due to financial constraints.

On This Day: Celebrating 40 Years Since Hendrick Motorsports' First NASCAR Victory at Martinsville
On This Day: Celebrating 40 Years Since Hendrick Motorsports’ First NASCAR Victory at Martinsville (Credits: Kokomo Tribune)

The historic win occurred at Martinsville Speedway, with legendary driver Geoff Bodine behind the wheel of the No. 5 car. Bodine’s victory celebrated on his 35th birthday alongside his wife and crew, remains etched in the memories of NASCAR enthusiasts.

As Hendrick Motorsports prepares to mark the 40th anniversary of this monumental event, enthusiasts and insiders alike share nostalgic reflections, with ‘Nascarman’ providing a firsthand account on their X platform.

During that unforgettable race, Geoff Bodine showcased his prowess, skillfully navigating the challenging, flat half-mile track and leading the final 49 laps. This triumph marked a defining moment for the burgeoning team and ignited the ambitions of team owner Rick Hendrick.

Reflecting on the race, Bodine described it as a “beautiful” yet emotionally charged experience, one that moved his wife, Kathy Bodine, to tears. Regrettably, Rick Hendrick was unable to witness the race firsthand due to prior engagements in North Carolina.

Following Bodine’s historic victory at Martinsville, Hendrick Motorsports went on to secure an additional 27 wins at the iconic racetrack, solidifying its status as their most successful venue, with Dover coming in as a close second with 22 victories.

As Hendrick Motorsports gears up to celebrate its 40th anniversary at Martinsville Speedway, the festivities promise to be a blend of excitement and nostalgia. All four drivers’ cars will undergo a makeover, featuring ruby red paint schemes symbolic of this significant milestone. Throughout the weekend, there will be ample recognition of this achievement, including the display of Bodine’s iconic car.

Adding a touch of history to the celebrations, Geoff Bodine and Jeff Gordon will serve as co-grand marshals. Meanwhile, Rick Hendrick himself will take on the role of honorary pace car driver.

With the stage set for a commemorative event four decades in the making, anticipation builds as fans wonder whether history will repeat itself on the same track after 40 years. As the season unfolds, the stakes remain high, with Hendrick Motorsports’ drivers poised to continue their stellar performance alongside their counterparts at JGR’s Toyota team.

In a separate development, there’s a buzz surrounding claims that Jeff Gordon no longer holds the exclusive bragging rights for the #24 car within the Hendrick Motorsports legacy.


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