Doubtful Fans Crush Sergio Garcia’s Masters Dreams; Claim LIV Golfer Won’t Succeed

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LIV golfer Jon Rahm kicked off the first round of the 2023 Masters with a discouraging four-putt double bogey. Yet, he swiftly regained his composure, mounting a remarkable recovery that saw him dominating the back nine in the final round.

His steady play, marked by seven pars and two birdies, allowed him to clinch the green jacket, surpassing Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson by a commanding four strokes. Notably, Rahm’s triumph underscored the rising prominence of LIV Golf, as both the runner-ups hailed from the same league.

In addition to Rahm’s victory, other luminaries from the breakaway league, including Dustin Johnson and Joaquin Niemann, have also notched individual wins at LIV Golf events this year. These stellar performances position them as formidable contenders for the coveted Masters title.

Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia (Credits: USA Today)

Nonetheless, despite their prowess on the course, their decision to join LIV Golf continues to attract scrutiny and criticism. Despite a slight decrease in participation compared to the previous year, LIV golfers remain fixtures in the Masters field, albeit with lingering disapproval evident in public discourse.

Sergio Garcia, a stalwart of European golf, made headlines when he joined LIV Golf in June 2022. As he gears up for his second shot at securing the Masters title, Garcia exudes confidence, rallying his fellow LIV golfers on social media with a bold declaration of intent.

However, Garcia’s transition to LIV Golf has not translated into Masters success thus far, with lackluster performances in recent editions of the tournament. The anticipation surrounding this year’s championship is palpable for Garcia, yet the golfing community’s response has been less than supportive, with disparaging remarks flooding his social media posts.

Critics have heavily criticized Garcia and his colleagues at LIV Golf, accusing them of prioritizing financial gain over loyalty to the traditional golfing establishment. Fans who were once passionate supporters of Garcia now doubt his dedication, attributing his previous successes to mere chance.

The skepticism reached its peak after Garcia’s disappointing performance in last year’s Masters, providing detractors with more reasons to question his capability to compete for the title. Despite receiving some support from loyal fans, Garcia finds himself in a challenging environment filled with uncertainty and skepticism as he aims for a second Masters victory.



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