Paula Findlay’s Tough Miami Race: A Reflective Journey Through Heat and Humidity

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Paula Findlay calls PTO T100 Miami a ‘war of attrition’

Paula Findlay’s reflections on her recent experience at the PTO T100 in Miami are both candid and revealing. Despite her formidable fourth-place finish, she admits that her primary concern during the grueling race was not simply outpacing her competitors, but ensuring the well-being of everyone involved.

Recalling the sweltering conditions of race day, Findlay underscores the extreme challenge posed by the scorching heat and oppressive humidity. As preparations for the upcoming T100 race in Singapore intensify among fellow athletes, Findlay’s mind returns to the punishing climate of Miami.

Her reluctance to participate stems from her previous encounter with the unforgiving temperatures in early March of 2021. The memory of that race, with its stifling humidity and relentless heat, looms large in her mind.

Paula Findlay
Paula Findlay (Credits: TRI247)

Reflecting on the Miami race, where temperatures remained a staggering 30 degrees late into the night, Findlay acknowledges underestimating the rigorous preparation necessary to contend with such extreme conditions. She notes that the oppressive heat of Florida spares no one, regardless of the time of day one chooses to race.

In a surprising twist, Findlay reveals that the formidable temperature provided some relief by shifting the focus away from competition and toward survival. With nearly half of the women participants dropping out due to the harsh conditions, the race became more about enduring to the finish line than achieving remarkable results. Findlay’s own struggles with dizziness compelled her to adopt a cautious approach, necessitating frequent stops at aid stations to cool down and regather her strength.

Despite the challenges, the T100 race in Miami saw a dominant performance by British athletes, with India Lee claiming victory, followed by Lucy Charles-Barclay in second place and Holly Lawrence in third. Findlay’s respectable fourth-place finish amidst such formidable competition is a testament to her resilience and determination in the face of adversity.


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