The Windup: Ronel Blanco’s Big Moment; Jose Altuve Chases 3,000 Hits

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Ronel Blanco Shines in Astros’ Maiden Win, Ken Rosenthal Delves into Altuve’s 3,000-Hit Quest, Shota Imanaga’s Stellar Debut, and Fascinating Home Run Stats Revealed by Statcast. Welcome to The Windup, where Levi Weaver and Ken Rosenthal bring you all the action!

Ronel Blanco: From Car Wash to History Books

The Houston Astros, seeking their first win of the season after a disappointing 0-4 start, turned to Ronel Blanco, an unexpected choice given his limited big-league experience. Blanco, who had never pitched more than six innings in any of his previous seven starts, delivered a stellar performance, securing the first no-hitter of the 2024 season against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Blanco’s journey to the majors is remarkable. Despite modest expectations and a meager signing bonus of $5,000, he persevered, making his big-league debut at the age of 28. Last night, he defied the odds, hurling 105 pitches, 73 of which were strikes, to stifle the Blue Jays’ offense. His dominant changeup led to seven strikeouts and minimal hard contact, solidifying his place in Astros history.

Ronel Blanco
Ronel Blanco (Credits: FOX Sports)

Ken’s Notebook: Altuve’s Dream of 3,000 Hits

Jose Altuve, a cornerstone of the Astros lineup, enters the season with aspirations of reaching 3,000 hits—a milestone that seemed improbable according to statistical projections. However, Altuve remains undeterred, buoyed by his recent contract extension and unwavering determination. Despite facing challenges such as injury setbacks and advancing age, Altuve remains focused on his goal, driven by the support of teammates and the desire to leave a lasting legacy in the game he loves.

Breaking Down Shota Imanaga’s Impressive Debut

Shota Imanaga, making his highly anticipated debut for the Chicago Cubs, delivered a masterful performance against the Colorado Rockies. His six shutout innings, highlighted by nine strikeouts and no walks, showcased his potential as a key asset for the Cubs rotation. While it’s early days, Imanaga’s promising start offers hope for a team grappling with pitching injuries.

Fun with Home Run Metrics

Delving into Statcast data reveals intriguing insights into home run statistics. From launch angles to exit velocities, each home run tells a unique story. Notable records include Carlos Gonzalez’s blast off Zack Greinke in 2016, which boasts the lowest launch angle in the Statcast era. Conversely, Anthony Rizzo’s homer off Alex Wells in 2022 holds the lowest expected batting average—a testament to the unpredictable nature of the game.

Handshakes and High Fives

Joe Maddon shares his experiences with Shohei Ohtani and former interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, shedding light on their bond beyond the field. Meanwhile, observers are impressed by Mookie Betts’ transition to shortstop, highlighting his dedication and versatility. Additionally, insights into lesser-known players like Phillies reliever Connor Brogdon offer a perspective on the human side of the game.

Closing Thoughts

As the season unfolds, surprises abound, from the Mets’ winless streak to the Pirates’ unexpected success. With each game, new storylines emerge, showcasing the unpredictable nature of baseball. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis in The Windup!


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