Releasing Captured Pals in Palworld: A Guide

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How To Release Captured Pals in Palworld

This guide provides insights into the options available for dealing with captured Pals in Palworld.

Palworld, currently creating a buzz on Steam, combines elements of Pokemon and Fortnite, garnering attention within the gaming community.

Similarities with Pokemon include capturing curious creatures for combat, but the question arises: Can you release them back into the wild, akin to the Pokemon experience? The answer is a mix of yes and no, so let’s delve into it.

Palworld (Credits: Tech Raptor)

Releasing Pals in Palworld:

As of now, there’s no direct method to release captured Pals in the game. However, an alternative method exists, though not as intuitive as in Pokemon.

To achieve this, select the Pal you wish to part with, add them to your party, and then navigate to the ‘Drop Pal’ option at the bottom left of the Party menu.

This action places the critter in the open world within its Pal Sphere, awaiting discovery by another player. While not a true release into the wild, it serves as the current ethical option for parting ways with your Pals.

Selling Your Captured Pals:

Another option involves monetizing your captured Pals by selling them to the Pal Merchant, situated in the Small Settlement west of the game’s starting area.

You can both buy and sell Pals at this location, providing a practical solution for excess or undesirable creatures in your collection.

Palworld (Credits: Bisect Hosting)

The Pal Distillation Pod:

Crafting and installing the Pal Distillation Pod in your home base offers a creative solution.

Unlocking this machine requires two ancient technology points, and its construction involves materials such as palladium fragments, ingots, and ancient civilization fragments.

The Distillation Pod allows you to mix identical species of Pals to create improved versions. While this method requires investment and resources, it provides an alternative to releasing or selling Pals.


A more unconventional method involves the use of the Meat Cleaver weapon to butcher your unwanted Pals quite literally.

Unlocking the recipe requires two technology points, and crafting the weapon necessitates ingots, wood, and stone. Equipping the Meat Cleaver from your inventory, selecting the Pal in your party, and using the ‘Butcher’ command results in a pixelated animation, offering materials in return.

However, this method comes with ethical considerations and may not be suitable for all players.

In conclusion, these methods provide diverse ways to handle your captured Pals in Palworld. While it’s advisable to consider the utility of living Pals, these options serve as practical solutions for players facing inventory constraints or seeking variety in their collection.

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