Renato Moicano Embraces Respectful Tone with Paddy Pimblett, Open to ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Matchup

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Renato Moicano appreciates Paddy Pimblett’s kind words following UFC 300, still thinks he’s “easy money”

Renato Moicano acknowledged Paddy Pimblett’s positive comments following UFC 300, leading him to refrain from trash-talking his potential opponent. Pimblett had praised Moicano’s performance, prompting Moicano to express appreciation rather than hostility. Despite his initial inclination to engage in verbal warfare, Moicano opted for a more respectful approach due to Pimblett’s complimentary remarks.

Pimblett’s suggestion of a potential matchup on “The Ultimate Fighter” as opposing coaches was met with enthusiasm by Moicano. He entertained the idea, recognizing the entertainment value such a scenario could offer. Despite his softened stance towards Pimblett, Moicano maintained a level of competitiveness and confidence in his abilities.

Renato Moicano
Renato Moicano (Credits: MMA Fighting)

Moicano’s willingness to engage in banter with Pimblett did not overshadow his belief in his own skills. He asserted his confidence in handling business inside the Octagon if the fight materialized. While appreciating the camaraderie and potential for entertainment, Moicano made it clear that his focus remains on securing financial gains and asserting his dominance in the sport.

While Renato Moicano displayed a less hostile demeanor towards Paddy Pimblett, he remained steadfast in his belief of being the superior fighter. Despite entertaining the idea of a matchup on “The Ultimate Fighter” and acknowledging Pimblett’s positive remarks, Moicano made it known that his ultimate goal is to secure victories and financial success in the Octagon.

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