Ryan Garcia Criticizes Referee Harvey Dock’s Handling of Victory Over Devin Haney

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Ryan Garcia criticizes referee Harvey Dock after defeating Devin Haney: “I think he was tripping”

Ryan Garcia secured a majority decision victory over Devin Haney, showcasing his punching power with three knockdowns throughout the fight. Despite dominating, Garcia believes he could have secured a knockout in the seventh round had referee Harvey Dock not intervened. Garcia expressed frustration with Dock’s handling of the fight, feeling that the referee’s actions hindered his opportunity to finish Haney.

In the post-fight press conference, Garcia criticized Dock’s decision-making, suggesting that the referee should have stopped the fight earlier due to Haney’s apparent distress. Garcia felt that Dock’s failure to intervene deprived him of a potential knockout victory. He recounted the moment when he landed a significant blow on Haney, only for Dock to deduct a point for a perceived infraction during a clinch, leaving Garcia baffled by the decision.

Garcia’s dissatisfaction with Dock’s performance extended to the point deduction, which he viewed as unjustified given the circumstances of the fight. Despite Haney’s attempts to hold him back, Garcia believed he had a clear opportunity to capitalize on his opponent’s vulnerability. However, Dock’s intervention disrupted Garcia’s momentum and prevented him from securing the knockout he felt he deserved.

Ryan Garcia Criticizes Referee Harvey Dock's Handling of Victory Over Devin Haney
Ryan Garcia Criticizes Referee Harvey Dock’s Handling of Victory Over Devin Haney (Credits: MMA Fighting)

The incident highlighted a contentious moment in the fight and raised questions about Dock’s judgment during critical moments. While Dock is typically regarded as a reliable referee in boxing, his performance on this particular night came under scrutiny. Garcia’s comments underscored his belief that Dock’s actions impacted the outcome of the fight and hindered his ability to deliver a conclusive victory.

Garcia’s frustration with the referee’s decisions reflects the intensity and stakes involved in professional boxing. In a sport where split-second judgments can determine the outcome, the role of the referee is crucial. Garcia’s critique of Dock’s performance serves as a reminder of the scrutiny referees face and the impact their decisions can have on fighters’ careers and the sport as a whole.

Ultimately, Garcia’s victory over Haney was marred by controversy surrounding the referee’s handling of the fight. While Garcia emerged triumphant, his dissatisfaction with Dock’s performance highlights the complexities and challenges inherent in boxing officiating, prompting discussions about the need for consistent and fair judgment in the sport.


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