Sebastian Vettel discusses the factors that would make him seriously contemplate a return to Formula 1

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Sebastian Vettel (Credits: Planet F1)

The German racer retired from Formula 1 after the 2022 season but stayed connected to motorsport, recently testing with the Porsche Penske Le Mans team.

Vettel hasn’t ruled out the chance of returning to Formula 1 despite stepping back to spend more time with family.

He got back into racing recently, testing at Aragon Motorland in Spain with Porsche for their Le Mans 24 Hours entry. With many seats available in F1 for 2025, like Red Bull and Mercedes, could Vettel be enticed back? He hasn’t dismissed the idea, saying he’d consider the right offer.

“The better the car, the better the team, the more exciting it is,” he said on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X.

But it’s a big commitment with other things going on outside driving. “So, to seriously consider I think, it would very much of course depend on the package.”

Sebastian Vettel (Credits: AP News)

Referring to older drivers like Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton still racing and signing big contracts, Vettel joked: “From an age point of view, I feel bloody young with all the guys that [I was] raised with still hanging around and signing big contracts, being around for longer!”

With Vettel becoming an ambassador for the new UK energy drink Perple, he joked about keeping fit and energized for a return. Vettel, enjoying family time since leaving F1, highlighted the demanding schedule he had.

“I calculated how many hours a year I [was] spending in a plane without getting to the airport,” he said. “So it turned out it was, at the time – this is some years ago – it was one month straight. So, that’s 30 days straight in the plane.”

He revealed his Le Mans test was exciting but doing it this year would be tough. “It is a decision that I take for myself, but I take for the family as well,” he said, considering his family’s feelings on a potential return.


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