Steelers Considering Trade for Bengals’ Tee Higgins: Assessing Risks and Rewards

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NFL Rumors: Tee Higgins Eyed by Steelers amid Trade Request, Bengals Contract Dispute

The Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly considering a trade involving Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, as indicated by Andrew Fillipponi of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh. While the Steelers admire Higgins’ talent, they are cautious about the potential acquisition cost and the expenses associated with his next contract.

The Bengals placed the franchise tag on Higgins in February, but negotiations for a long-term deal have yet to commence, prompting Higgins to request a trade-in March through ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

A trade between the Steelers and Bengals presents challenges, given their status as intense AFC North rivals. The Bengals may be reluctant to trade a key player like Higgins to a division opponent, especially one they face twice a season. Nevertheless, the Steelers, having traded veteran Diontae Johnson to the Carolina Panthers, could benefit from adding another wide receiver alongside George Pickens.

Tee Higgins
Tee Higgins

Despite Higgins’ dip in performance in 2023 due to a hamstring injury, his track record includes two seasons surpassing 1,000 yards and considerable playoff experience. Steelers general manager Omar Khan must weigh Higgins’ availability and potential contribution to the team’s offense, which has been bolstered by offseason acquisitions such as quarterback Russell Wilson and backup Justin Fields.

The Steelers’ interest in Higgins aligns with their desire to strengthen their offense, aiming to field one of the AFC’s most formidable units. However, concerns linger about Higgins’ recent injury and his contract demands. The outcome of any potential trade negotiation will depend on finding common ground between the two teams regarding compensation and contractual terms.

Social media reactions, such as Bleacher Report’s highlight of Higgins’ skills, underscore the excitement surrounding his potential impact on a new team. As trade discussions progress, both the Steelers and the Bengals will carefully evaluate the benefits and risks of parting ways with a talented wide receiver in a competitive division.


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