Stephen A. Smith Throws Shade at Dallas Cowboys Over Texans’ Stefon Diggs Trade

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Stephen A. Smith Took Perfect Shot at Dallas Cowboys After Texans Reportedly Trade for Stefon Diggs

In a twist of events only Stephen A. Smith could orchestrate, the Stefon Diggs trade somehow became a platform for discussing the Dallas Cowboys.

When the Buffalo Bills decided to trade Diggs to the Houston Texans, it wasn’t just about player movements. Innocent bystanders like Jacksonville Jaguars’ Christian Kirk found themselves under scrutiny for what some deemed as an overpaid contract.

But leave it to Stephen A. Smith, a familiar figure in stirring Cowboys-related controversies, to turn the spotlight squarely onto America’s beloved football team. Almost immediately after news of Diggs’s trade hit the airwaves, Smith didn’t waste a moment on ESPN’s First Take to unleash his thoughts, taking a sharp aim at the Texans and inadvertently making it about the Cowboys.

Smith’s words echoed loud and clear: “The big headline is [the Texans] are probably the best team in Texas.” It was a statement that rang like a bell across social media platforms, drawing reactions and speculation alike.

“I don’t know what’s on the schedule, but I’m hoping it’s Houston against Dallas,” Smith continued, his tone dripping with anticipation. “So what’s going to happen with the Dallas Cowboys, they’re going to sit up there and they’re going to monitor this situation. It’s one thing for you to not win a Super Bowl, that’s bad enough. It’s one thing for you to not make an NFC championship in 29 years, that’s even worse. But it’s another thing entirely when you ain’t even the best team in Texas.”

For those itching for an epic intrastate showdown between the Texans and Cowboys, both recent division champions, the unveiling of the 2024-25 NFL schedule in May couldn’t come soon enough.

Smith’s analysis didn’t just end at the surface level. He delved into the current state of both teams, pointing out the Texans’ potential advantages: a young, talented roster, a seasoned head coach, and a decent cap space, bolstered further by the financial maneuvering post-Diggs trade.

With star quarterback C.J. Stroud on a team-friendly rookie deal and an arsenal of offensive weapons, the Texans seem primed for a run at the Lombardi Trophy in the coming years.

In contrast, the Cowboys find themselves grappling with familiar challenges. Despite boasting star talents like Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parsons, the team’s postseason performances have consistently fallen short of expectations.

For Smith, the Texans’ burgeoning confidence might just borrow a page from their rival Cowboys’ playbook: This year, it could very well be their year.


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