The Falcons create a surprise in the NFL draft by selecting Washington QB Michael Penix Jr. with the 8th pick

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The Atlanta Falcons surprised many in the NFL draft by picking quarterback Michael Penix Jr. from Washington with the 8th overall selection on Thursday evening.

This move follows the Falcons’ recent pattern of choosing offensive skill players in the first round. It comes just a month after they signed Kirk Cousins to a lucrative four-year, $180 million deal, with $100 million guaranteed.

Instead of opting for a player who could make an immediate impact, they selected Penix as Cousins’ long-term replacement, given his age of 35.

Falcons general manager Terry Fontenot expressed confidence in this decision, affirming that Kirk Cousins remains their current quarterback while Penix represents the future of the team’s quarterback room.

New coach Raheem Morris emphasized that the Falcons saw this draft as an opportunity to secure Penix, recognizing that they might not have such a high pick in the future. This reflects the team’s aspiration to return to winning ways and avoid picking early in the draft in the coming seasons.

Michael Penix Jr.

Morris expressed his contentment with the idea of Penix simply observing and learning behind Cousins for the next four years if it means Cousins excels as the team’s starter.

“I’d be glad to see Kirk Cousins play for four years,” Morris remarked.

Penix expressed his eagerness to glean knowledge from Cousins, stating, “I’m grateful for the chance. I’ll make the most of it. Learning from Kirk Cousins, who has a wealth of experience in the league, is invaluable to me.”

Initially expected to bolster their pass rush with the pick, the Falcons opted for Penix instead.

This continues the Falcons’ trend of prioritizing offensive playmakers in recent first-round selections. In the past three years, they drafted tight end Kyle Pitts in 2021 at No. 4, followed by wide receiver Drake London and running back Bijan Robinson, both at No. 8.

Penix, who will be 24 when he starts his rookie season, led FBS schools in passing yards with 4,903 and ranked third with 36 touchdown passes. He also earned the Maxwell Award as the nation’s top player.


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