The NFL stated that it won’t finish its investigations into tampering by the Falcons and Eagles this week

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Monday that the NFL might finish looking into tampering accusations involving the Falcons and Eagles this week. But the NFL told Schefter on Tuesday that it won’t be done.

Schefter said, “The league’s review into tampering allegations against the Falcons and Eagles is ongoing and will not conclude this week, per the NFL.”

This delay might help the Falcons and Eagles. If they’re found guilty of tampering with Kirk Cousins and Saquon Barkley, they won’t lose draft picks for 2024.

It’s not clear why it’s taking so long. Last year, the Cardinals tampered with former Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon in February, and the resolution was announced just before the draft.

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This year, the tampering happened, if at all, in March. It would seem to be a fairly simple investigation.

The Eagles might have talked directly to Barkley during the 52-hour negotiating window, which is why they’re under scrutiny. The Falcons are in the same boat regarding Cousins — and possibly more, given what Cousins admitted during his introductory press conference.

As discussed on Tuesday’s PFT Live, how the Falcons are dealt with will tell us a lot about the punishment, the crime, and the investigation. For instance, the NFL might look into whether a meeting took place because Cousins mentioned that he met with Atlanta’s head athletic trainer during the negotiation period. Or they might not.

It will be interesting to see if the NFL is clear about the investigation and how many violations are found. And what the punishment will be. The reality is, based on Cousins’s own words, the Falcons may have broken multiple rules involving multiple players — both Cousins and former Bears receiver Darnell Mooney.

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