Tottenham News: Hugo Lloris May End His Career In An Absurd Way

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Hugo Loris running in the pitch
Loris may end his career after Spurs (Credits: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Hugo Lloris, the World Cup-winning captain, may face exile from football until the start of 2024. The goalkeeper still continues to train with the Spurs squad, but he is not supposed to play any matches with them.

Options for Lloris are very low, and the time is very short after the closure of the premier league transfer window on 1st September.

Unless Lloris and Spurs agree to move to a club where the window will remain open for a little longer, he will have to sit on the bench until January, when the winter window opens.

Loris sitting on the knees
Lloris may get exiled from football (Credits: Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Lloris may not get a chance to play this year

Lloris knows that the window in Saudi Arabia’s Pro League closes on the 7th of September. He has had offers from different clubs in Saudi, but he has shown no interest in going there.

The 36-year-old doesn’t have an agent, and the club thinks that he has ample time to find a new club and the chairman, Daniel Levy, has given Lloris his word that he could go on a free transfer.

As Lloris mentioned at the beginning of June, he had desires for other things.

It was the end of an era for him with Spurs, and it was mutually agreed upon that he could skip matches and focus on finding a new club. But It didn’t happen. He turned down not only Saudi but also his hometown club, Nice.

The offer from Hugo’s home club was late.

Lloris said that Nice’s offer lacked clarity, and it was too late, and he quoted, “The supporters [of Nice] and the team deserve better than a split-second decision based on a phone call without expectations or a clear sporting project with one hour until the closure of the window at a time where I wasn’t expecting it”

Hugo Loris signing a contract
Lloris may not sign a new contract until January 2024 (Credits: Getty Images)

Spurs could have made an agreement with Lloris to terminate his contract, but it did not happen. If they do terminate the contract now, then Lloris would not be allowed to join a new club as a free agent till January.

The only option is to have a transfer between Spurs and a club in a league where the window is still open.

Postecoglou has made it evident that she does not want three established goalkeepers, as he does not have room to include Lloris on his 25-man senior squad list that must be submitted to the Premier League next Wednesday.


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