Vic Fangio’s Consultant Experience With Eagles Offers No Defensive Advantage

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Vic Fangio
Vic Fangio

Vic Fangio may have had a brief stint as a consultant for the Philadelphia Eagles, but it doesn’t mean he holds any secret insights into how to stop their high-powered offense. The current Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator spent two weeks aiding the Eagles’ preparation for Super Bowl LVII despite previously facing the Kansas City Chiefs, whom the Eagles were up against.

While he assisted the Eagles in his role as a consultant, Fangio is adamant that he didn’t glean any significant knowledge on how to thwart the Eagles’ offensive prowess. He humorously commented, “Not a lot. I was giving them more information than they were giving me.” According to Fangio, if there’s any advantage stemming from his brief tenure with the Eagles, it’s in their favor.

Vic Fangio
Vic Fangio

Fangio emphasized that his consulting experience doesn’t provide him with an edge in stopping the Eagles, who currently rank second in yards per game (395.0), second in yards per possession (37.6), and seventh in points per possession (2.32), ultimately placing fifth in points per game (25.8).

These impressive statistics come in the face of Jalen Hurts’ seven interceptions this season, surpassing his total from the previous year (six). Despite this setback, Hurts has completed 66.2% of his passes for 1,542 yards, with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions, equating to an 84.7 passer rating. However, his passing numbers have declined compared to last season. Hurts remains a dual threat, with 253 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns.

Hurts is on track to accumulate 5,085 combined yards (both passing and rushing) and 34 combined touchdowns this season despite his eight turnovers. Thus, the Dolphins face the formidable task of containing hurt.

Fangio lauded Hurts, stating that he has no discernible weaknesses, which in itself is a strength. He expressed his admiration for the Eagles’ quarterback, emphasizing his strong running ability that adds a dimension to the offense, making it challenging to defend. Hurts is lauded for his ability to scramble, coupled with his leadership qualities.

The Eagles concurred with Fangio’s assertion that his role was more about offering information than receiving it.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni affirmed, “We didn’t give him all the secrets. I asked him for his help. When he was around last year during the end of the season, it was a unique opportunity to have a guy help us look at some different things from a defensive coach’s perspective. We know we’re going to have our hands full with any Vic Fangio-coached defense.”

Ultimately, the spotlight remains on how the Eagles’ defense will contend with the Dolphins’ offense. Despite Fangio’s presence, the Eagles anticipate a competitive matchup and are confident in their ability to put points on the board.


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