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Patrick Mahomes: The Kansas City Chiefs’ Multi-Talented Backup Punter

On the eve of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Week 6 Thursday night showdown with the Denver Broncos, there was a surprising addition to the injury report. Punter Tommy Townsend was listed with a knee injury, and he was designated as a limited participant in the final practice session. As a result, his availability for the game was in question.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Townsend’s status, he did manage to take the field and fulfill his punting duties in Kansas City’s 19-8 victory. However, his brief appearance on the injury report left Chiefs fans wondering about the contingency plan in case he couldn’t play. According to the team’s special teams coordinator, Dave Toub, the Chiefs had a unique backup plan in place, with star quarterback Patrick Mahomes ready to step in as the emergency punter.

Toub revealed, “We had a plan, and believe it or not, 15 is our backup punter. He can do it. He shows me all the time. He can do it all, that guy. It’s unbelievable.”

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes (Credits: ESPN)

Fortunately for the Chiefs, their high-powered offense, ranked fourth in the NFL in yards per game, rarely requires punting. Townsend has been averaging just three punts per game, ranking him 26th in the league in terms of punting frequency.

Amusingly, Mahomes himself acknowledged his secondary role as a potential punter on social media, and it seems he takes pride in this additional responsibility. While the two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback has been dazzling with his throwing skills, accumulating 1,593 passing yards, 11 touchdowns, and five interceptions through six games, he is still awaiting his first career punt.

With the upcoming game against the Los Angeles Chargers, the question of when we might see Mahomes punt in a game arose, even catching the attention of JJ Watt on social media. In response, Mahomes tweeted, “Waiting for the right moment! Patience is key.” It seems that for now, Chiefs fans will have to wait for that special occasion when their star quarterback takes on the role of a punter.


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