Wakerunners: Combining Elements of League of Legends and Overwatch

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Wakerunners: Blending League of Legends with Overwatch
Wakerunners: Blending League of Legends with Overwatch (Credits: Esports)

Entering the competitive PvP Arena market is a formidable newcomer named Wakerunners, brought to you by developer Mintrocket. This recently unveiled high-octane multiplayer title promises to leave its mark on the competitive gaming scene. While a departure from Mintrocket’s recent titles, the diversity showcased in Wakerunners may well be the key to its success. To get a glimpse of the game’s energy, check out the newly released short-form trailer.

Wakerunners, on initial inspection, appears to be a skillful amalgamation of elements from some of the industry’s most beloved competitive titles. It incorporates features of a hero shooter combined with visual aspects reminiscent of a MOBA. The game offers a diverse lineup of characters, some of which are expected to become iconic in the world of cosplay even before the game’s official release.

Wakerunners: Combining Elements of League of Legends and Overwatch
Wakerunners: Combining Elements of League of Legends and Overwatch (Credits: Unranked Smurfs)

But what exactly is Wakerunners? Hailing from the developer of the acclaimed title “Dave the Diver,” Wakerunners is a top-down multiplayer game set in uniquely designed, smaller-than-usual arena-based maps. The short trailer unveiled by Mintrocket showcases Wakerunners as a fast-paced, dynamic game with vibrant colors, captivating character models, and a gameplay loop distinct enough to set it apart from its competitors.

The fusion of elements from other games is apparent, with a surface-level resemblance to League of Legends but a distinctive Overwatch vibe due to the interchangeable and swapping hero characters. Mintrocket’s track record, particularly with the highly rated “Dave the Diver,” boasting a rare 10/10 rating on Steam with an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ ranking from 83,065 reviews, suggests that Wakerunners is poised for a successful launch.

Wakerunners is currently available for wishlist on PC, and an eagerly anticipated demo is set to be released on February 5. During the demo period, potential fans can get hands-on experience with various characters and explore game modes such as Control Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Command Siege, and Raider Mode.

While details about the operating model for Wakerunners remain unconfirmed, expectations lean toward it being a free-to-play title supported by seasons and microtransactions. Additionally, indications suggest that the game will be exclusively available to PC players.

With the pedigree of Mintrocket and the promising features of Wakerunners, could this be the next breakthrough esports game to watch? Only time will tell, but the anticipation is certainly building.


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