Wander Franco Accused of Major Crime: Everything You Need To Know

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Wander Franco
Rays, MLA and Franco (Credits: Draft Kings Nation)

Wander Franco was indeed removed from the Tampa Bay Rays lineups, and they were placed on the Restricted list as the MLB investigates his alleged relationships that too with a young girl.

Recently massive news broke on all the social media platforms about the All-Star shortstop having a relationship with a very young age girl who was just 14 years old while Franco is 22 which indeed is counted as a huge gap.

Though recently, Franco has denied having any sort of relationship with Loredana Chevalier, who is the accuser and has claimed to be of 14 years.

On the other hand, on all the social media platforms, fans have discovered some pictures of Franco kissing the person, who for now appears to be Loredana Chevalier, the alleged 14-year-old girl and also a minor.

In one of the pictures, Franco can be absolutely seen kissing the minor on her cheek. Even though her age is still unclear or unknown but she does seem younger than the Rays Star, which is still a topic of talk among the fans and social media platforms. There are indeed more pictures and videos uploaded.

Wander Franco
Franco and Minor seen together (Credits: WTSP)

On Instagram, amidst all the posts, Wander Franco did return and refuted the reports by saying that all the public and fans say that he is in public with a girl who is a minor and that he is running around with the little girl.

But people don’t know what to really do with their time, and they don’t even know what they are talking about. That’s the reason he prefers to be on his side and not get involved with anybody around.

There are other things as well that have come to the notice. There are pictures of Chevalier with a child, potentially being her own, as well as there are pictures of her driving a car and drinking alcohol.

These pictures are apparently scrubbed from all the social media platforms which were possible to be seen. Thus, for now, the whole situation is under investigation and will soon be resolved by the officials.

Wander Franco accused of a major crime:

The story all over the news has made such headlines because Loredana Chevalier stated that she had an inappropriate relationship with the star Wander Franco and she came forward because of the reason that she allegedly didn’t receive the hush money which Franco was supposed to pay her.

After this incident and accusation on Franco, he was even removed from the Rays lineup, and then this entire investigation began. This was indeed a turning point in his career and life. It is worth bearing in everyone’s mind that there is not even a single piece of evidence of any sort of crime that happened with the minor.

The Tampa Bay Rays and Wander Franco have mutually agreed that he will be going on the Restricted list and will be taking a leave from the club for the duration of the current road trip. This was said by the team in one sentence. Thus, It is an active investigation, and thus the information seems to be updated.


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