Phillies Michael Lorenzen Throws Team’s 14th No-Hitter: Explained

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Lorenzen and Phillies
Phillies History (Credits: WXYZ TV)

On Wednesday night, the Phillies, which is right-hander Michael Lorenzen in Philadelphia, pitched with a non-hitter that too against the national with a win by the points of 7-0. In just his second start and first home start, he indeed made history with the Phillies.

On this special night, Lorenzen had five, walked for just four but threw 124 pitches which was indeed shocking. In order to secure this, he threw a full-count slider to Dom Smith, and he even induced a pop up which was secured by fielder John Rojas in the final out.

According to the data, Lorenzen is considered the first Phillies no-hitter since Cole Hamel’s in 2015 on June 25th. He even became the first home non-hitter by a Phillies pitcher since Roy Halladay in the National League division series in the year of 2010.

Lorenzen phillies no hitter (Credits: CBS Sport)

He is known as the non-hitter, which is in the fourth position. He is in this position because of the season he played in 2023. He had an interview, and there he mentioned his constant watch of Non-hitter by Nolan Ryan. It leads to a temptation for him to throw some non-hitter.

Lorenzen crafted a gem, and he even wore baseball footwear. Heading towards the Coopers’ town now, we are all set to know about the history of his journey.

Is there a hitter in Phillies?

Charles Ferguson, in the year 1985, had a no against the grays. He even joined the team pitchers. He was even on the list of Phillies.

In the list, there is the name of Jim Bunning’s game which is perfect. As is Halladay’s first no-hitter in the year 2010. This event took place in the month of May. He was also part of a no-hitter against the Braves, and it happened on labor day in the year 2014.

Phillips is even tied with Guardians and the Braves, which is for the eighth-most no-hitters by an MLB franchise.

The team, which is also known as Washington Nationals, had never ever been a no-hit, but the time when Lorenzen came on Wednesday, he made a no-hit.

The nationals made at Washington’s had not seen a no-hit thing for a long time, but soon after, David Cone entered, and then there he was playing the most perfect match. This happened in the year 1999, dated 8th July. This is even considered the longest streak of not being hit by the whole franchise till now.

At the present time, Lorenzen has pitched two gems as a Phillies. His non-hitter came, especially after the first post-trade start. In this, he was allowed two runs in eight innings of work, and it happened against the Marlins.

This happened on Aug-3, and there he picked up the win. This even gave him an ERA of 1.06, that too on his first start. Lorenzen has now boasted an era of 3.23, and now he is even slated for free agency that too in this coming off-season. Lorenzen thus has indeed been an amazing player of the present times, and he’ll continue to be one.


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