WWE: Here Are The Reasons Why Becky Lynch vs Lita Should Happen

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Why Becky Lynch vs Lita Should Happen

In this article, we will explore the possible reasons why Becky Lynch vs Lita should happen. The news was doing rounds that a match both the WWE superstars should be considered and fans are excited as hell just after a casual conversation on the same. Becky Lynch is back in the WWE and has been making her presence felt with some exceptional Summer Slam return moves. You can also read official match news on its original website.

On the other hand, when you think of a dominant WWE female superstar it is impossible that Lita’s name would not come to your mind. If you are someone who has followed her journey from a fighter to a WWE legend then you know what I am talking about. Though Lita has retired her legacy dates back to 2005 and she could be looking to return for one last match.

Rebecca Quin or as people know her with her ring name Becky Lynch is the current SmackDown Women’s champion in her fourth reign. She defeated Bianca Belair in less than a half-minute to stamp his authority for the fourth time on the title. Not to forget that she is one of the WWE’s most dominating and highest-paid superstars.

The Twitter interaction however does not prove that there will be a contest between Becky and Lita but what we know is that there should be. Why not?. Both the superstars have been pretty good in the ring and now they have made it evident through their heated Twitter argument that they can pull this one off with grace too. Lita’s send-off match has been a big thing for a long time and a match against Becky could live up to the hype.

Why Becky Lynch vs Lita Should Happen
WWE Evolution

Reasons why Becky Lynch vs Lita should happen

3. Becky Lynch vs Lita ever-increasing fanbase

After Lita teased her fans about a dream encounter with Becky Lynch, it has already amassed a huge fanbase of its own. It all started when Lita shared an article in her tweet that was about the 5 dream matches she could possibly have against the current WWE stars.

Her tweet took Twitter by storm and there was an influx of comments that demanded Becky Lynch and Lita in the same ring. But things did kick up a notch when Becky herself teased Lita saying that she could break her arm if she likes. There are no confirmations about the match but if Becky Lynch vs Lita is going to happen, excitement is guaranteed for sure. It could be a decent retirement match for Lita as her last one was something she will never be able to forget in her life.

2. WWE Evolution II

In 2018 WWE introduced the sole pay-per-view that consists of only women’s matches. Initially a house event, 7 matches took place on the main card while one was held before the show. Although it was necessary and a great step towards women’s empowerment, selling tickets was the toughest part.

It was not like Evolution was a flop but it was not as hit as most of the others. Reports suggest that WWE is considering the possibility of Evolution II and Becky Lynch vs Lita can prove as a great main event. We are no strangers to the lack of star power for such shows but both these wrestlers have their separate fanbase which could prove beneficial. They are pretty much active on social media as well.

Why Becky Lynch vs Lita Should Happen
Monday Night Raw needs a boost

1. RAW Ratings

The Monday Night RAW  wrestling television program that airs every Monday, 8 pm (ET) on the USA Network has been losing the ratings.

A few months back an episode for the second time was marked under 1.6 million views. In the show’s history, this is one of the lowest ranking and the possible reasons could be the monotonicity or the 3 hours long time duration for a single show. These few months have been exceptionally repetitive, the same old matches, promos, and content are all the viewers got.

WWE will be looking for ways to give the rankings a hike and a face-off between the Hall of Famer Lita and superstar Becky Lynch.

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