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Andy And Emma Are Out

Andy And Emma Are Out Of Wimbledon 2022, Norrie Survives

Andy and Emma are out of Wimbledon 2022. It was a terrible day 3 for all the British fans as two of the most loved tennis players are out of the tournament. In round 2, they faced defeats. Andy Murray was against the very tall American, John Isner. It was always going to be a tough match as Isner’s serve is his biggest weapon, especially in Wimbledon. The fast-paced grass courts suit his serve and volley game. Emma was against the Spaniard Carolina Garcia who was not in the best of forms. The desire that Emma showed in the first round was impressive, considering she was against a tough opponent. Norrie had an extremely tough game but is the only one out of three to make it through to the next round.

The hopes of every British fan has been shattered, that too very early on in the competition. Their dream of watching their player to lift the Wimbledon trophy looks almost impossible now. It will be up to C. Norrie to figure out how to go about the situation. He is no doubt the highest rated British player in the tournament at #9 but the fans are not sure if he could make it. Nevertheless, it is their job to keep supporting no matter what. Moreover, he is only one left with the entire responsibility on his shoulders.

A depth analysis of what happened in the matches.

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Andy And Emma Are Out: Wimbledon 2022

Andy and Emma have together been eliminated in the round 2, on day 3 of Wimbledon 2022. This was the last thing that fans expected but it happened. John Isner was Andy Murray’s opponent. It was supposed to be a tough fight and it went exactly that way. John started with complete domination. His first serve percentage was huge. The Scottish didn’t have any answers to his accurate and fast serves. Isner even proved to be a problem for Murray with his ground strokes. He was able to find his power, range, and the angles. Murray was in trouble from the beginning and it became really difficult for him to find a way. He lost the first set 6-4. Second set was a closer affair. Murray tried his best to keep himself in the set and took it to the tiebreaker.

Andy Out Of Wimbledon 2022

However, it was just too difficult for him. He lost the second set in the tiebreaker 7-6. The third set followed a similar trail like the second. This time Andy kept fighting for every time. It again went to the tiebreaks where Andy somehow found a way to make a comeback. He won the set 6-7. Unfortunately, things didn’t follow the same way in the fourth and he lost the set 6-4. Andy, was out of Wimbledon.

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu


Emma brought in a lot cheers when she entered the court. She faced Carolina Garcia from spain in round 2. From the get go, Garcia pounced on Emma like a Lioness and made her run a lot for every point. Emma couldn’t recover and lost the match 6-3 6-3.

Lone Surving Brit: C. Norrie

C. Norrie was the only one who managed to win his round 2 in Wimbledon. But it was not an easy win. After winning the first set comfortably, he lost two consecutive sets. But somehow he collected himself and won the remaining two sets with a handsome margin. This made the only British player and the top seed to go through to next round.

After such a disappointing day, hope that Norrie is able to provide more joy to the British fans.

Norrie Wins
C. Norrie

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