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WWE Winners

If WWE was Real, Who Would Win? Here are the Important Elements to being a WWE Winner

If WWE was real, the question of who would win in a match would become very dynamic as well as interesting. In this conceptual scenario, the importance of various key elements arises from the outcomes of these contests.

It includes wrestler Skills, Strength, Speed, Power, Fans, Experience, Chemistry, Character, luck, Dedication, Healing way, psychological perspective, Audience crowd, Physical & mental condition, as well as Planning.


WWE Winners
Wrestle mania winners (Credits: Sporting News)


Some of the Important Elements are:

1. Skills of Wrestler: It is very beneficial to have other skills like martial arts and other sports. It is a plus point for a wrestler to have these skills, but sometimes, without these skills, also wrestlers perform well.

2. Strength of Wrestler: Strength and power support a lot in winning WWE matches. The wrestlers who have a strong body and much power have more potential as compared to other wrestlers. This proves very beneficial for them.

3. Dedication of wrestler: Wrestlers with prior experience in the same field have more crucial chances of winning. They already know the tactics much better than others. They are already familiar with WWE.

4. Psychological Side: Sometimes, mind games and sharp tactics play a crucial role in real WWE. The wrestlers who have sharp minds and play with tactics have much higher advantages and chances of winning.

5. Healing way: Wrestlers who have more potential and immunity to fight injuries and pain have a much higher chance of winning. In wrestling, sometimes huge injuries take place, and the one who heals them fast has high immunity and better chances.

6. Character of Wrestler: Any wrestler with a huge fan base and good character always counts as a hero. Wrestlers who can connect with the audience and support their reaction have a great advantage of winning as compared to others.

7. Luck of Wrestler: Good luck always proves as a miracle. If any wrestler has very good luck, unexpected things occur. Luck plays a plus-point role for any Wrestler.

8. Fans’ reaction: If WWE was re, then fans’ reaction was also very different. The popularity of fans could change leaders’ decisions on which wrestler has a higher potential of winning.

9. Planning: In every match, a good strategy and planning import the upper hand for the player. If there is a proper tactic, then there is a high chance of winning.

10. Physical Condition of Wrestlers: Wrestlers’ physical health is very important because, in wrestling, the physical body plays a key role, and if it is good, then automatically winning chances of the wrestler become higher. As we all know that wrestling is all about strength, so an excellent physical body is important for this.

For analyzing the winners in real WWE, all these factors play a very prime role. If we go through all these important points, it will be very difficult to guess who will win the match.

It is very unpredictable to guess the winner. This complexity and unpredictability of WWE gives wrestlers a chance to prove who they are and also to rise themselves.

If we consider WWE authentic, then all the factors of the match would depend on the hard work, dedication, and talent of the wrestler.

The skill, physical condition, mental condition, and fanbase also plays a vital role in analyzing winners. If WWE was real, sometimes it would lead to high injuries and even death of a wrestler. Although it is very important to remember that WWE is not real, it is scripted.


Ravisha Shyam Talreja

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