Is WWE 2K23 Cross-Platform? Explained

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WWE crossplatform
WWE 2k23 Cross paltform (Credits: The Sportster)

What’s more amazing than the recent release of WWE 2k23, which is going to be one of the best till now? When we tell best, it’s surely going to drive fans out crazy.

By considering this famous gameplay and also the superstar design, this game has been one of the greatest wrestling games ever. What it does is let the players dive into the WWE universe, which is so fantasizing that no one can resist himself to play this game.

In the celebration of his 20th anniversary as the best WWE superstar, our Hollywood icon and 16-time world champion ‘John Cena’ will be getting featured on each and every cover of the game edition.

He would even be shown as striking three of his famous and prominent signature poses, which is interesting enough to wait for this game.

John Cena is definitely obliged to share his story or journey of his career through this WWE platform, and according to him, the 2k22 edition, which was without cross-platform, has yet done a fantastic job in making the 2k22 edition the best one, with all its features and graphics it has surely taken over the public and created awe for the upcoming 2k23 WWE.

WWE is that sort of game that includes everything that could grab the attention of the fanbase and make the audience just die for the new seasons every time.

They make astounding designs of championship belts that seem so real. They have made extremely amazing graphics and design which surely manipulates one to play this game for hours and hours.

The game’s season pass has already been announced with five first DLC content. Amazing, isn’t it? Every pack of DLC will introduce five new players (legends and superstars) to spice up the game. For all those who weren’t able to grab the pass for the game, they would be introduced to little fewer features.

WWE cross platform
Cross-platform in WWE 2k23 (Credits: Excgame)

Is WWE Cross-Platform or Not?

When talking about cross-platform, it means the ability to make different platforms like PS4, PS%, Xbox, etc., share the same online servers in a game, allowing everyone to play regardless of what platform they are using. Considering the WWE, the cross-platform has been in demand for some time, and even the WWE 2k23 community has extreme hope for positive news.

Unfortunately, it’s sad news for all those community members wanting cross-play as it’s once again been confirmed the absence of cross-platform and with no plans announced to integrate it into the new game.

Even though a cross-generation edition of the game has been confirmed but no hope of cross-platform in this game has uttered the minds of several WWE lovers.

Why does WWE lack this feature?

Cross-play was being added to several games like FIFA in recent years, which raised the hopes of the same in WWE, but unfortunately, no such plans have been released recently. There is still hope for cross-platform compatibility to be seen in the future.

There are several reasons why WWE 2k23 lacks this feature:

There are vast technological differences between PCs and consoles. All the game developers need to ensure smooth functioning on several platforms resulting in significant differences in programming, making it impossible to have proper functioning of the game, ultimately leading to bad reviews.

There has always been an unfair advantage of those players who use a mouse and keyboard over the players who use controllers. The results of having cross-play between these users have always been dishearteningly the same.

Due to the companies like Sony, Microsoft tends not to promote cross-play for technical and business reasons, which ultimately leads to no permission and hence no implementation of the same.

These are just the general reasons why it is not being implemented, but without an official notice from the company stating reasons for the lack of this feature, fans won’t ever know the real reason for the same. Also, since previous iterations lacked this feature, it’s better to consider that this year’s title will remain without it.

WWE -2k23
Cross-platform (Credits: Videogames)

More about WWE’s Cross-Platform Ideology:

Despite the non-implementation of crossplay in WWE 2k23, they do support the progression of cross-platform. This is a slightly different feature where one can carry over their saved files and progress to other platforms.

In the end, no matter what platform they are using, anyone will be able to play online multiplayer with anyone else. Every such platform should have a cross-play, but implementing it is difficult.

There is always a twist, and in this case, it’s the 2K account. To be a part of the cross-platform community, one should have a 2K account which is pretty easy to set up and is available to everyone.

Once one has created their 2K account from the 2K accounts website, they can enable access to cross-platform community creations in the game settings.

This way, all the players can make the most out of WWE 2K23’s impressive creations suite, and regardless of their platform, they can share their creations with several other players.

WWE Gaming (Credits: Marooner’s Rock)

One having an AAA budget should definitely go for this game irrespective of the fact it doesn’t have this feature of cross-play because the best thing about this game is definitely the customization that could be brought into it by creating a professional wrestling universe and promotion. One can even customize the championship belts according to their own fantasy and interest.

Even though it does not offer the benefit of cross-play, it hosts multiple gameplay options and even gives everyone a chance to try different ideas out. It is definitely a sort of universe where you can create your own world and set your own champions and create story beats.

WWE has always been one of the best online games and will continue to be, irrespective of its cross-play feature. It is set to grab the attention of all those seekers waiting for a long time to get onto their controllers and experience the ultimate fun.


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