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Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors

Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors Game 6: Where To Watch In The UK, US, And Australia

Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors, the final series that is about to run its due course. Game 6 is ahead of us, and we are not sure who the winner is going to be. NBA Finals are played in the best of seven-match series, and the tide is 2-3 in favor of the Warriors. Even though Golden State is just a match away from clinching the title, it is not safe to assume so. Game 6 of the finals will be played at Boston’s homecourt, where they have a better chance of winning that match. How exciting will it be if Boston wins it and ties the series 3-3. For all the neutral fans, it is a dream situation in any sport.

People living in the Uk, US, and Australia have a massive fan following for the NBA. It is a global sport and has managed to reach almost every nook and corner of every country. Regardless, the three countries mentioned have completely different time zones. This situation becomes difficult when there is a match to follow, which is in some regions. And at times, the fans are not able to figure out the time and source of where to watch the match. But don’t worry because you are in safe hands.

This article will provide all the information regarding game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors. Where to watch if you are from the Uk, US, and Australia.

Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors- Game 6

Game 5, Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors, ended with the Warriors taking home the victory with a ten-point margin. This makes them lead the series 2-3 and makes the game even more exciting. But, game 6 is at the TD Garden, home of Boston. And surely, this is not going to be an easy travel for the visitors. They would like to end the series in game 6, but it is easier said than done. Having said that, it makes for an exciting matchup, and in two-days time we will see the result. If Boston manages to stretch the series to game 7 or the Golden State lifts the trophy after game 6. Truly a spectacular prospect.

Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors
Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors


In two-days time, millions of people are going to be glued to their screen to witness game 6. And for people of the UK, US, and Australia, there are various sources where you can watch, on Tv or through the stream.

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Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors- Game 6 In The UK

There are plenty of fans of the NBA in the UK. NBA Finals are something nobody wants to miss, and if you are from the UK, there are various sources through which you can watch.

SKY SPORTS signed a four-year deal with the NBA, and they are here to cover your finals as well. You can go to Sky Sports Arena to watch the live-action.

Those who have a subscription to NBA League Pass can watch the match directly on that.

Game 6 For People In The US

Well, there is no explanation for how much the US loves basketball. NBA is their league, and undoubtedly they rule this sport. But for millions of people who won’t be attending the match inside the stadium, there are sources you all can use.

ABC, the television network, is providing live coverage of all NBA Final games.

ESPN, of course, and Sling Tv as well. They have a subscription package where you get access to multiple sports channels.

For People In Australia

It is morning time for people in Australia when they sit down to watch the NBA Finals. And the number of people watching these matches is huge. So for all the Aussies out there, multiple sources to watch the finals are available.

NBA in Australia is available on-demand through Kayo.

ESPN is always available to provide its service, and the NBA League Pass system is available as well.

Wish not a single fan of the finals from these countries end up missing the matches. Game 6, Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors, starts on 16 June at 9 pm ET.

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