Calvin Kattar Vs Josh Emmett: Who Will Come On Top? UFC Fight Night

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Calvin Kattar vs Josh Emmett Fight Night Feature1
Calvin Kattar vs Josh Emmett

Calvin Kattar vs Josh Emmett is set for the main UFC fight night. The featherweight professionals will be going up against each other as it looks to be a mouthwatering clash. 18 June, mark the date in your calendar. Both fighters are in sublime touch right now, and it is going to be a tough fight. Calvin and Josh are coming victorious from their previous bouts, and the stats are so evenly matched that it is difficult to predict the outcome. Kattar’s last fight was a decision win against Giga Chikadze, whereas Josh won by decision against Dan Ige. With impressive records of 23-5 and 17-2, respectively, the fans are really pumped for this epic showdown.

Calvin is #4 and Josh #7 in the featherweight rankings. They are looking to be the top contenders for the title, and that is why this fight is more crucial. The former is much more established in his kickboxing abilities, whereas the latter is more efficient in takedowns. Interesting to see who will go down first or will they make it through to all the rounds. The main event will be held in Moody Center, Austin, Texas. The fighters are from the United States, so the audience will be equally divided between the two.

Let’s have a deeper look at the statistics of the fighters to see who has the upper hand.

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Calvin Kattar vs Josh Emmett- Statistics

Talking about statistics Calvin Kattar and Josh Emmett both have a terrific win/loss ratio. While Calvin has only 5 losses in his professional UFC career, Josh just has 2. Where Kattar has an advantage over Emmett is his height and reach. He is almost 5 inches taller and has a significant 2-inch reach advantage. This can come in handy when they box. It is easier for taller guys to evade the punches and hit theirs without getting too close. The leg reach of Calvin is also .5 ahead of Josh. Ko/Tko percentage, Calvin leads here as well, 48 to 35. Where Josh leads are takedowns and win by decision, 9 to 12 and 43 to 53 respectively.

Calvin and Josh Fight- Breakdown
Calvin Kattar vs Josh Emmett

Talking about significant strikes, Katter leads that department, with 5.19 to 4.28 landed per minute. Katter also has a significant strikes percentage advantage of 41 to 39. Josh wins in the defense department from 52 to 62. However, the grappling department seems to be Josh’s main weapon except for his takedown defense. Otherwise, Josh leads in all other sectors. So as far as the statistics are concerned, Kattar seems to be having an edge, but only a slight one. These statistics, when you see inside the octagon, clearly show how important and accurate they are. But of course, to win the match, the fighters need a lot more than just statistics. A good solid chin to be able to take the punches, solid legs to maintain the balance, and the heart of a lion to keep going.

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