Colorado Avalanche Wins Game 1 Of Stanley Cup, Beats Tampa Bay Lightning

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Colorado Avalanche Vs Tapma Bay Lightning
Colorado Avalanche Vs Tapma Bay Lightning

Colorado Avalanche takes home the first game in overtime against the current champions, Tampa Bay Lightning. The start to the finals was an exciting one, and the fans were not left disappointed. The home team won, so it became even better. This is the 7-game finals series in the Stanley Cup of the NHL. The game was no less than a roller coaster ride. It saw a lot of ups and downs, a few nervous moments, and then a reason to smile. Colorado is now 1-0 up in this 7-game series. Avalanche will be now looking to win their 2nd game in a row as it is also on their home turf. On the other hand, Tampa Bay Lightning will be looking to bounce back and pounce on every opportunity they get. This calls for an exciting matchup.

The game began in a great fashion for the home team. They took a 2-0 lead and looked solid. Nothing was going wrong for them. Suddenly, Tampa Bay came back and scored. Before P1 ended, Colorado made sure they score another one and ended P1 with a lead of 3-1. Unexpected events happened in P2. Out of nowhere, Tampa Bay scored twice and tied with 3-3. This made the home fans quite nervous, and it seemed Colorado will lose from here. P3 went scoreless, and the game went to overtime. It was the home team Colorado Avalanche that managed to score in the overtime, and the result stayed like this till the very end. The home team won 4-3 and now leads the series 1-0. The next match is again to be played on Colorado’s home turf in Denver.

Colorado Avalanche Wins Game 1 of Stanley Cup
Colorado Avalanche

What Is Stanley Cup? Colorado Wins Its First Game

Stanley Cup is believed to be North America’s oldest sporting cup. Based on Lord Stanley Of Preston, then Governor-General of Canada. Montreal Canadiens are the champions with the most trophies, 24. While Tampa Bay is the current champion and has a total of 3 titles.

What is NHL?

A North American League, NHL is the biggest ice hockey league in the world. It comprises a total of 32 teams. 25 are from the US, and 7 are from Canada. The league started in 1917 in Montreal, and after 105 years, it is one of the most popular global sports. Not just the countries that play ice hockey watches this, but a lot of non-playing nations indulge in it as well.

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