Stanley Cup Finals Are Here: Where To Watch Game 2 In The UK, US, And Australia

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Stanley Cup 2022- Where To Watch In The UK, US, and Australia
Stanley Cup 2022

Stanley Cup 2022 Finals have started off with a bang. The finals are being played between the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning. The first game of the series was won by Colorado in a nail-biting encounter. For game 2, the current champions, Tampa Bay, is looking to make a comeback which is not going to be easy. Game 2 will also be played on Colorado’s home turf in Denver. This is the best of the seven-match series. The home team will try to take out the maximum advantage of their home ground and take a 2-0 lead in the series. It is important for them to dethrone the current champions and place their name in the history books.

Stanley Cup is played towards the end of the NHL season, where a total of 32 teams participate. Twenty-five teams represent the US, and seven represent Canada. This cup has the oldest history in comparison to other cups in North America. Over the years, the league has tried to gather fans from across the world. Because of the nature of the sport, it is not feasible to play in many countries, despite that this sport has become global. Many fans from different parts of the world tune in to watch the matches. Furthermore, if the Stanley Cup finals are here, then it makes it even more interesting to follow.

For people living in the UK, US, and Australia, this article will tell you where to watch the finals.

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Stanley Cup 2022 Finals: Where To Watch

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals went to the home team, Colorado Avalanche. This makes it an exciting contest in Game 2. Let’s take a look at where to watch the match.

Stanley Cup Finals

Stanley Cup 2022 In The UK

The UK has always had a rich history in sports. They are probably one of the very few countries that have invested in some sports. So even if there are sports that the British did not invent, they certainly do have a knack to follow them and watch them. NHL, of course, is not far behind. Enthusiastic NHL fans are present in the UK as well. So for all Stanley Cup lovers, you can follow all the final matches here:

Premier Sports has taken the rights to broadcast the Stanley Cup Finals. They were telecasting UEFA Nations League matches before, and now they have the right to telecast Ice Hockey as well. Good job, Premier Sports!

At £9.99, Netgem is the only online-streaming platform that is showing cup finals matches. So if not at home and willing to spend money, then surely go for it.

Colorado Vs Tampa Bay

In The Us

Since Ice Hockey is celebrated quite a lot in the US, there are a lot of sources that provide live telecasts. 25 teams from the US represent the NHL, so there is a huge fan base for each team in the country. The available platforms to watch live matches are:

ABC, ESPN3, and ESPN + are providing live telecasts of the Final. Make sure you don’t miss them.

In Australia

If you are a FoxteliQ or Foxtel Now member, then you can easily get access to ESPN. It is available on channel 509 on Foxtel. If a member, then you can use the ESPN App and watch the coverage there as well. Kayo Sports and Fetch TV are also other options.

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