Commonwealth Games 2022: Best Performing Countries

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Commonwealth Games 2022 Recap Feature
Commonwealth Games 2022

Today is the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2022. The 11-day extravaganza is coming to an end with a lot of good performances by athletes from different countries. As expected, Australia and England maintained their performance of being the top two countries. Australia, as of now, is number one in the medals tally, followed by England and Canada. New Zealand has secured the fourth spot, while India claims the fifth after some extraordinary last few days. The 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham have turned out to be a huge success. They will be remembered as one of the best in the history of these games. Not to mention the efforts of all the volunteers and staff who have worked tirelessly in order to provide the best experience.

All the participating 5000 athletes and their coaching staff were well taken care of. The city of Birmingham proved to be a great host for such grand sporting events. The authorities and everyone in the government need special thanks for their cooperation. They left no scope for fault anywhere in organizing this event. More than 70 countries participated in this mega event, and each and every country was taken proper care of. Furthermore, the cost of organizing this event has been far less than the 2012 London Olympics. Also, almost half of what it cost in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games.

Let’s have a look at the countries which performed the best in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

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Commonwealth Games 2022: Australia And England

Two of the biggest sporting nations in the world, Australia and England, were the best performers in the Commonwealth Games 2022. With a total of 174 medals, Australia sits on top of the medal tally. This includes 66 Gold, 55 Silver, and 53 Bronze medals. On the other hand, England is second with 166 medals to their name. They have 55 Gold, 59 Silver, and 53 Bronze medals to their name. It was almost assumed that these two countries would be fighting for the top spot. It is a fact that both Australia and England are the best sporting nations amongst all other participating countries. Of course, they proved it right with the kind of performances they displayed in the games.

Commonwealth Games 2022
Commonwealth Games 2022


Australian Women’s Cricket team won the gold medal defeating India in the finals. This cricket team is easily the best in the world currently. Beating them was a tough task already, and it proved to be correct. Moreover, the introduction of this sport in the Commonwealth Games happened for the first time. In each and every sport that was a part of these games, both countries had their top-notch athletes. One of the biggest reasons for their tremendous success and consistency.

Canada, New Zealand, And India

Canada, New Zealand, and India complete the top five best-performing countries in the Commonwealth Games 2022. With 26 Gold, 31 Silver, and 34 Bronze medals, Canada takes the third spot. New Zealand is fourth with 19 Gold, 13 Silver, and 16 Bronze medals. India takes the fifth spot with 18 Gold, 15 Silver, and 22 Bronze medals. These five nations and their athletes have surely proved their worth in the games. Great nations with amazing sporting histories.

Team Canada In The Opening Ceremony Of Commonwelath Games 2022
Commonwealth Games

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