Is The Rock in WWE? Explained

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WWE The Rock
The Rock in WWE (Credits: Koimoi)

The latest news of The Rock coming back soon at WWE at the summer slam has been one of the trending rounds on social media, and it is exciting enough to grab the attention of all WWE lovers and wrestling fans.

Summer Slam is an event where WWE usually plans big and super amazing comebacks, and even this time, the company could once again give a big shock to the WWE universe with mega and blockbusting returns.

Is the Rock in WWE?

Till now, there have been plenty of rumors about The Rock Johnson’s potential return to the WWE ring that too during the Summer Slam of 2k23, and the rock was tipped to face Roman Reign in the same Summer Slam 2k23.

The wrestling observer newsletter, which is written by Dave Meltzer and also closely follows the WWE developed, revealed that he isn’t much sure about the return of The Rock to WWE this year, but this news has still got into the top ones.

His return to the WWE is thus unsure, and there is no confirmation whether he will be there in the game or not.

Who is The Rock, and Why he Retired?

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, retired from WWE in the year 2004, and he was just at the age of 32 but in 2012, he made a return to WWE to feature in a wrestle mania fight against John Cena.

In an interview two years back, The Rock pointed out two reasons behind his retirement. The first reason was that his contract expired at the age of 32, and the other one, which was extremely important for him, was the agreement he had with anybody in the world.

For him, any company and any individual are always equally important in his life, and this means everything to him, which is to shake that individual’s hand and look into their eyes filled with happiness and urge to meet.

In 2004 when his contract expired, he had got delivered on his agreement with the WWE with the help of his long-term mentor and extremely good friend McMahon.

Following his retirement, he continued showing up by making numerous appearances on WWE in 2012 and featured in the main event of Wrestle Mania 28. The rock made his presence remarkable by succeeding in getting the better version out of John Cena that night and especially in front of his home fans in Miami.

In 2013 John Cena had his last laugh, and the duo faced each other again at the very next edition of wrestle mania, which turned out to be super interesting than the previous one.

The Rock
WWE and The Rock (Credits: WWE)

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, has been rumored to make his amazing WWE return since the month of November in the year 2021, and the fans have been waiting for the past two years now, but he made his last televised appearance on an episode of Smackdown that too in 2019 October which was still disheartening for all the rock fans.

Taking the recent updates into consideration, the company has not yet teased or hinted about his comeback, it’s just a rumor, but that does not mean that he is returning.

The fans can now only wait and guess that the rumors turn out right, and if he does not return to summer slam, then unfortunately, all the fans won’t be able to witness The Rock vs. Roman Reigns ever match.


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