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Is wwe scripted?

Is WWE Scripted Who Wins? Explained

WWE has indeed been the most-watched professional wrestling show, and that has also been for decades. As seen from the latest trend, it seems that this show will continue to be the most popular one even in the upcoming future. It brings thrill and excitement to one’s routine and television life.

Though over the years, people all over the world have started questioning this show by stating that it is fake or a scripted show but not at all real. This topic has been the most controversial one worldwide and is still a doubt for the huge fanbase.

WWE is fake, but in a totally other sense, as one can surely say that it is not a real sport. It is a well-choreographed and rehearsed performance show conducted by professionally trained wrestlers.

WWE fake or real
WWE being scripted (Credits: WWE)

Is WWE Really Scripted?

WWE is the most popular and entertaining show and is surely scripted. One can also see that the company usually brands itself as sports entertainment and not an actual sport. But not everything is fake in WWE.

One can consider WWE real in the sense of the pain and injuries seen in wrestlers during the match when all the wrestlers perform dangerous and threatening moves inside the ring.

With managing the intensity and impact, some popular moves can be shown fake, but the other moves, especially powerbomb, are very hard to be shown fake without suffering some real pain.

Even in the past few years, all the wrestlers were very open to the audience about the stunts being rehearsed regularly, which makes the industry not baiting false hope in the audience by saying that the show is entirely real.

This pre-practice and rehearsal of all the moves before the match is an extremely necessary prerequisite in order to minimize injuries and also provide high-quality, entertaining content to the fanbase and audience.

How does WWE decide who wins?

There are several people who are in the field of decoding who wins the match, but there is this one person known as the head of creative who decides who is going to be the winner of the WWE match, and this is declared to everyone just before the match begins.

That means that even before stepping into the ring, both wrestlers know who is going to be the winner of both, and this is pre-decided by the head of creative.

Does WWE have a scriptwriter?

WWE has a whole complete department known as WWE creative writing team, which has multiple writers to work on an episode. The role of writers is to create dialogues, stories, and everything which could possibly entertain the audience.

Due to this, one can see drama, thrill, and acting more, just like in movies, all of this being scripted and decided by the creative writing team. There is this whole team that plans things to entertain the audience in every match.

WWE is a source of entertainment, and it should be viewed in the same way rather than taking it as a competitive sport and raising controversial points. Let it be part of one’s entertainment life, and one should enjoy it more than criticize it.


Sanjana Malani

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