NBA Draft: Latest Update

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NBA Draft 2022 feature1
NBA Draft 2022

Big teams are now trying to step up in the NBA Draft as we bring you the latest coverage. Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunders, and Houston Rockets were given the first three picks in round 1 of the draft. They have managed to pick their targets and acquire them. The drafts happened on Thursday night, and there seem to be clear winners and losers post the draft. Kevin Durant faces a major setback as he has no significant presence in the Nets. Brooklyn Nets has so far been disappointing in the draft. Not only the likes of James Harden left the team just before the start of the playoffs, but Kyrie Erving is also looking to find a new team as well.

This will leave Kevin Durant with not a lot of choice. He came to Brooklyn after having a splendid season with the Warriors, winning the NBA title. At Nets, he is left with Ben Simmons, an all-star player who hasn’t played for over a year. Only rookies or maybe other teammates are left alongside Durant are currently present. The team needs to step up in the drafts to have any chance of making a mark in the league. As for now, nothing seems to work out for them. If Kyrie leaves, then it will be a disaster for the Nets.

Let’s see how other teams have fared and how the future looks for them.

NBA Draft: Boston Celtics

Since Boston Celtics were not a part of the first round of the NBA Draft, Boston Celtics are in need of rookies. After having such a terrific season, making it to the finals, and losing to Golden State Warriors, the Celtics are keen not to let this opportunity go. A couple of players that were selected by the Celtics previously, Yam Madar and  Juhann Begarin, are under their watch. One played in the NBA G-League, and the other went to KK Partizan in Serbia. Both the players are overseas now and have shown immense improvement.

Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics

Celtics assistant GM Austin Ainge said this about Madar, “It was a big growing experience for him both on and off the court, and it really helped him mature a lot” .”He was kind of a big deal in Israel growing up, and it was brave of him to go outside of that and really push himself. I thought it was great for him.”

Detroit Had A Win And So Did New Orleans:

Detroit Pistons have clearly shown their intent. Since Jeremy Grant left the team for Portland Trail Blazers, they had to come up with new ideas, innovative and progressive ones. Cade Cunningham was a revelation in the second half of the season with his defense, Detroit had to do something with offense. So they brought in Jaden Ivey. This guy, for sure, will put some gear into the team and will naturally improve the passing rate. Though he is termed Ja Morant 2.0, I am sure he will be the first Jaden Ivey.

Cade Cunningham
Cade Cunningham

New Orlean Pelicans ended their campaign last season on a high. Where their regular season did not look appealing, through play-in, they qualified for the playoffs. That was a nice ending to a below-average season. Dyson Daniels is looking to make his cut in the team. E.J. Liddell is one more looking to make the cut. If all goes well, we can see them alongside Ingram, Zion, and McCollum. What a nice prospect that will be.

That is it for now. We will be here with more updates soon.

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