Russell Westbrook And His Future With Lakers: Life, Career, Earnings, And Net Worth

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Russell Westbrook Feature
Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has now completed more than a decade in the NBA, been an All-Star on many occasions, and much more. But one thing that has always stayed with him, throughout his career, is criticism. More than about his love and passion for the game, he is quickly criticized whenever he has a bad day. It feels as if people around the world just wait for Russell to have a bad game and they will lush onto him. They forget he is the same player who was the heart of the Oklahoma City Thunder once and is the only player to have the most number of triple-doubles. When he played for the Thunder he was easily one of the best point guards in the league. Of course, after he moved to Houston Rockets, his level dropped massively. Westbrook didn’t feel like the same player anymore and after a disappointing season, he was traded to Washington Wizards.

His spell in Washington was a bit of a breather because we all saw little glimpses of the old Russell. He helped the team to reach the playoffs where they lost in the first round. After a successful run with the Wizards, a huge trade happened for Westbrook. It was a high-profile trade to the Lakers and the team was in transition. There was a huge buzz created in the media regarding his trade. People started making bets on his performance for the team. It felt as if the pressure got to Westbrook and the entire Lakers team. They did not perform to expectation and could not even qualify for the playoffs. He is still an important part of the Lakers and their project. So let’s take a look at his life, career, earnings, and net worth.

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Russell Westbrook: Life And Career

Born on 12 November 1988 in Long Beach, California, Russell Westbrook and his dream to become a basketball player did not start well. By the time he was in high school, his height was only 5’8 and he weighed only 64kgs. That was not what he wanted but that was what he got. Slowly and steadily he worked his way to the top. Westbrook had long legs for his type of height and that gave him an advantage. His dream of playing for UCLA came true. He worked intensively on his weight and power. As a point guard, he had a below-average first season. After working hard on himself, he came as a much-improved player. He averaged thrice as he averaged in the first season. UCLA reached the playoffs but eventually lost to Memphis in the final. He decided to let go of the remaining two years of college and prepare for the 2008 NBA draft.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook


In the 2008 NBA draft, he was selected by the Seattle Supersonic as the #4 pick in the first round. The team then relocated to Oklahoma City and later took the name Thunder. As a Thunder player, he represented the team for eleven long seasons. He became one of the biggest point guards in the history of the NBA playing for the Thunders. His partnership with Kevin Durant and James Harden along with Serge Ibaka led to the finals of the championship. The rest of the players left the team but Westbrook stuck with them. He made tremendous records playing for the team. For consecutive seasons, he was averaging a triple-double for the season. 2017 was his best and he was awarded the MVP of the league. In 2021, he surpassed Oscar Robertson’s record for the most triple-doubles ever in the NBA.

Earnings And Net Worth

Russell Westbrook’s annual salary is $47 million. His net worth is reported to be around $200 million. His Lakers contract is sure to increase his net worth. I Hope Russell finds his old true form in the coming season.

Earnings and Net Worth Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

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