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Spanish Prosecutor Luis Rubiales Accuses the President of the Spanish Football Association of Sexual Assault and Coercion.

Spanish Prosecutor “Luis Rubiales” Accuses the President of the Spanish Football Association of Sexual Assault and Coercion

After receiving a kiss on the lips from Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales during her team’s Women’s World Cup final triumph over England, Spain football player Jenni Hermoso filed a complaint against him.

It follows Jenni Hermoso’s Wednesday complaint to the prosecutor’s office. In addition to the ongoing investigation by Spain’s top sports court for “serious misconduct” and an investigation by FIFA, which has temporarily suspended Rubiales, the complaint could result in criminal proceedings against him.

Rubiales could be fined or given a one- to four-year sentence for sexual assault under a sexual consent statute passed last year.

Prosecutors said Friday that Rubiales might have used coercion when, in Hermoso’s account, he allegedly forced her to defend him as soon as the scandal involving his actions broke out.

Judge Rubiales has also been ordered to appear in court by the prosecution to provide initial testimony. If the judge of the National Court accepts to hear the matter, a formal court investigation will follow, with a recommendation that the case be dismissed or tried.

Luis RubialesSpanish Prosecutor Luis Rubiales Accuses the President of the Spanish Football Association of Sexual Assault and Coercion.
Luis de la Fuente (Credits:  Oscar J. Barroso/AFP7/Getty Images)

After Spain’s 1-0 triumph over England in the Women’s World Cup final last month, the football player accused Rubiales of sexual assault after he kissed her on the lips.

Hermoso claimed that she felt “vulnerable and a victim of aggression” and did not want to be kissed. The Spain player also claimed that the federation pressured her and her family to back Rubiales immediately following the event.

Rubiales described the kiss as “spontaneous, mutual, euphoric, and consensual” despite strong pressure to step down.

The government of Spain, players’ organizations, players, and many Spanish citizens have publicly backed Hermoso, but Rubiales has steadfastly refused to step down.

Regional FA officials subsequently demanded Rubiales’ dismissal, and this week, Pedro Rocha, the federation’s temporary president, apologized for the “enormous damage” his predecessor’s actions had caused and pledged an organizational restructuring.

The women’s team coach Jorge Vilda, who was spotted cheering Rubiales during his speech in which he refused to resign, was fired on Tuesday and was replaced by Montse Tome, his former assistant.

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Vilda: Sacking is ‘Unfair’

Only a few weeks after leading Spain Women to victory in the World Cup, Vilda has called his dismissal as head coach “unfair.”

In an interview with Cadena SER, Vilda stated, “I am as well as you can be, having been sacked after being world champion ten days ago. “I feel that I was fired unfairly, “In terms of sports, I will take all criticism. But I feel it has been unjust to me personally.

“This year has been unique. Although nothing has ever been addressed directly, things that bother me have been implied. Untrue statements have been made.

Regarding his termination, “Peter Rocha and the vice president of equality met with me briefly. ‘Structural alterations’ are cited as the explanation. My conscience is clear after what I’ve accomplished and giving it my all. I don’t get why she was fired. I didn’t believe I merited it.

Vilda’s 11 backroom associates had previously all resigned in opposition to the unfolding Rubiales conflict.


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