Stanley Cup Game 5- Where To Watch In The UK, US, And Australia

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Stanley Cup

Four games have already finished in the ongoing Stanley Cup 2022, and Colorado Avalanche is a game away from clinching the title. They are now 3-1 up in the series, winning a tough game 4 against Tempa Bay Lightning, 2-3. After a great comeback from Tempa Bay in game 3, the nerves were on Colorado to maintain the lead and not let it slip. In game 1 in the series, Avalanche won the match by a whisker. The score was 4-3. The second game was a complete domination by Avalanche as they won the match 6-2. This gave a 2-0 lead in the series to Colorado’s heroes, and they entered game 3 with the same spirit. Game 3 was held in Lightning’s home stadium, and completely unexpected happened.

The home team romped the Colorados 6-2. With this defeat, Tempa Bay earned their first victory of the series and made a comeback with an overall score of 2-1. This put Colorado under serious pressure, and boy, they did perform. A very intense game that went to overtime saw Avalanche again making a two-game lead in the series. Game 5 now will be played on Colorado’s home turf. The home team has an excellent opportunity to seal the series by winning game 5.

For all the NHL fans, whether living in the UK, US, or Australia, make sure to know all the available sources to watch the match live.

Stanley Cup Game 5- Where To Watch In The UK, US, And Australia

Game 4 of the Stanley Cup was extremely hard for both teams as nobody was able to predict the winner. Tempa Bay Lightning took the lead in the first quarter and went to the second quarter with the same lead. The second quarter was equal as both the teams found the net, making the overall score 2-1. Furthermore, things looks good until Avalanche scored in the third, making the overall score 2-2. The regular time was over, and tension started building up. It was over time that Avalanche found the edge and broke Bay’s heart. Game 5 now is a do-or-die game for Tempa Bay Lightning.

Stanley Cup Where To Watch In UK
Stanley Cup

Where To Watch In The UK- Stanley Cup

Since NHL has reached global popularity, people in the UK have huge respect for all sports. Stanley Cup is definitely something worth watching, and there are sources through which people in the UK can enjoy game 5. Premier Sports is providing the coverage for Stanley Cup. Also, Netgem will be providing live streams for the game. A subscription fee of £9.99 per month is to be paid in order to use the services.

In The US- Stanley Cup

The US definitely has the ‘thing’ for the NHL since a lot of teams from the US represent the league. Their very own Colorado Avalanche is on the brink of achieving the cup. Definitely, the people, especially in Colorado, will not miss game 5. People not being able to make it to the stadium can enjoy the live telecast on ESPN+ or FUBO TV.

ABC is also providing a live telecast of the Stanley Cup.

In Australia

‘Down under’ is also the place where people love celebrating all kinds of sports. NHL’s popularity has grown many folds, and it has found its way to Australia. To witness the live telecast of the match, Australians can just switch to the ESPN channel. ESPN app is also providing live coverage.

Make sure the people of these countries don’t miss out on the match. It will decide the fate of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche.

Stanley Cup Colorado Avalanche
Stanley Cup

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