What Do We Know About The Golfing Legend Arnold Palmer aka Arnie?

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Arnold Palmer

This article will deal in detail with the golfing legend Arnold Palmer. But, you all must be curious to know who Arnold Palmer is? Well, Arnold Palmer is a renowned former professional golfer. Nicknamed The King, Arnold Palmer he’s the first superstar of the golfing world in the age of television. Arnold Palmer’s risk-everything style of golf supported an army of fans, instituted by the press as Arnie’s Army! His army passionately bestowed the title of “The King” upon him not just in light of his ability on the course but rather more critically due to his unfailing feeling of graciousness and mindfulness.

Palmer’s social impact on the game has been immense. Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, along with Palmer, formed The Big Three, who brought golf out of the cusp of an elite, upper-class pastime of private clubs onto the table of the working classes. The game was even more popularised through live telecasting and the opening of popular golf courses. However, the ball of his contribution does not only stop with making the game popular. Arnie has also created new clubs in his backyard. This interesting journey of club-making started in Latrobe’s course with his ‘feel’ for new clubs.

Let us look at Arnold’s life from close quarters

From Arnold Palmer to ‘The King’

Arnold Palmer (Arnie) was born in Latrobe in a working-class family. He enlisted in Wake Forrest College on a golf scholarship. The art of golfing was passed down to young palmer from his father, who was the keeper of Latrobe Country Club. It is here that he started his baby steps in the world of golf.

Palmer started by winning the amateur championship in Detroit in 1954. Later on, he remarked on the win, “That victory was the turning point in my life. It gave me the confidence that I could compete at the highest level of the game.” Seeing the young man on the course, the golfing legend Gene Litter remarked, ” That’s Arnold Palmer. He’s going to be a great player someday. When he hits the ball, the earth shakes.

Arnold Palmer
Arnold Palmer

Arnie has been an absolute trailblazer on the golfing circuit for more than 6 decades. It all started with a rookie season in 1955 when he won the Canadian  Open. However, his leap towards proficient acclaim and fortune was his triumph in the U.S. Beginner Championship in 1954. He turned proficient a couple of months after this.

The sweet period in Palmer’s life started from 1960 to 1963 when he managed to win 29 of his titles along with a handsome cash amount of  $400,000. He was named “Competitor of the Decade” for the 1960s in a public Associated Press survey. However, during and after that blistering 10 years, the golfer was known to have gathered 92 titles at both public and global levels. Not only that, but Arnie also has a record 62 triumphs on the U.S. PGA Tour. He won the Masters Tournament multiple times, in 1958, 1960, 1962, and 1964; the U.S. Open in 1960 at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver and the British Open in 1961 and 1962. However, the only major title that remains eluded from the cusp of this great golfer is the PGA Championship. He completed second in the PGA multiple times.

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Arnold Palmer- The Drink

To get known as a trend is indeed a special feeling. Indeed, getting a drink named has been a privilege for Arnie. However, the starting of this drink has been a little awkward for Arnie himself! He used to refer to the drink as an iced tea added with lemonade. The drink has been televised widely on an ESPN 30 on 30 Shorts documentary along with golfers from the PGA world.

Arnold Palmer
Arnold And his drink
Credits- LiveAbout

The first mention of the drink came from a server at Augusta National Golf Club, from whom Palmer requested his namesake refreshment by saying, “I’ll have a Mr Palmer.” However, these minuscule whispers then led to the present connotation of the drink. The main notice of the refreshment was broadly covered in the Rolling Stone 1997 “Hot Issue.”  Since then, iced tea with lemonade has been earmarked with the legendary golfer’s name.

The beverage has been sold under the Arnold Palmer brand name under some licensing acts which allow Innovative Flavours starting from 2001. Arizona Beverage Company, the largest distributor and promoter of the drink, has been serving Palmer’s image and mark on the jug since 2002 and has taken care of conveyance ever since. The line has extended to incorporate different flavors, including Green Tea, Southern Style Sweet Tea, and Pink Lemonade, Zero Calorie, Strawberry, Peach, Mango, and Natural Energy.

It has been 6 years since he has left us for the heavenly abode, and yet when we talk about golf, people without an iota of doubt mention Arnold Palmer.

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