Joe Frazier: Life, Career, And Net Worth

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Joe Frazier Feature
Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier was an American professional boxer from the 60s to the early 80s. He is the first boxer to beat Muhammad Ali. Known for the relentless pressure on his opponents and an unorthodox crouching style, Frazier is regarded as one of the greatest ever. During his career, he has been remembered for his rivalry with Ali and George Foreman. We all know what Muhammad Ali means to the world of boxing and how fearsome was George Foreman in his prime. Muhammad is regarded as the greatest of all time by the majority of all across the world. Foreman is regarded as the deadliest puncher in history and also knocked out most of his opponents.

Joe Frazier has been involved in a lot of amazing fights, but there is one fight in particular. ‘Thrilla In Manila’ or ‘Fight of the Century’ is recorded in the history books. This fight was between Foe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, their 2nd fight. In the first fight, Joe Frazier created history by defeating Muhammad Ali. It was Ali’s first ever career of such a glorious career. Ali even stated after they all retired that Joe Frazier was the toughest he ever faced. That has been Joe’s quality. The ability to take so many punches and then also to be able to stay on the feet was just marvelous. His pressure, continuous pressure, was too much for other boxers to handle. Truly, one of the greats of the sport.

Let us have a look at his life, career, earnings, and net worth.

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Joe Frazier: Life and Career

Born on 12 January 1944, in South Carolina, US, Joe Frazier was the 12th child of Dolly Alston and Ruben. He worked as a farmer when he was young alongside his father. They had more than 10 acres of land, and Joe had a very good relationship with his dad. However, it was a difficult childhood as their parents had the responsibility of so many children. Making sure all the children had food on the table every night was a big responsibility. How he got into boxing is an interesting story. When his father got the black and white television for the first time at home, they all used to sit and watch boxing matches. From there, he got inspired by a lot of boxers and of course, the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson.

Joe Fraizer Life And Career 2
Joe Frazier

His amateur boxing career began in the early 60s. He was always in the heavyweight category and started winning a lot of junior championships. He was part of the 1964 Olympics team as a replacement. Joe reached the semi-final of the competition, where he had to face a boxer from the Soviet Union. It was a tough fight, but because Frazier’s left hook was his main weapon, the Soviet guy couldn’t handle it. Joe reached the final in his first-ever Olympics. A German opponent was waiting for him in the final. However, even with an injured left hand, Joe managed to win the final fight via decision, 3-2.

Earnings And Career

Joe Frazier had a Net Worth of $100k at the time of his death in 2011.

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Joe Frazier

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