WWE 2K22 – Everything Detail we know so far! Old Wrestlers?

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WWE 2K22 - Everything We Know
WWE 2K22 - Everything We Know

The following article is about the WWE 2K22 game and all the details surrounding the game. WWE Survivor Series 2021 is just a few hours away, and before the event could kick off, WWE gave us yet another news that made us jump out of our seats. Any guesses what it is about? Yes, you guessed it right, the trailer of WWE 2K22 is here, and we are more excited than ever. For people who do not know what it is, WWE 2K22 is the official video game of the WWE franchise. We all love to watch WWE and imitate our favorite superstars. But it is highly dangerous to perform those stunts as people may get seriously injured. If there were no restrictions, we would have always tried to give a ‘People’s Elbow’ to the person we hate the most.

Enough with being nostalgic let us come back to the topic. Just like NBA or FIFA has their gaming franchise and releases a new edition each year, WWE has 2K games, which does the same for them. As soon as the trailer was uploaded, thousands of people saw it and were excited to get their hands on the game. With the help of the game, they can use any finishing move they like in the game. Since the launch of the trailer, the gaming pundits had their views on the game. Some of them were good while some were not so good. In this article, we will be presenting those details to you. So keep on reading the article as we will present everything we have about the WWE 2K22. The official website can be seen for more updates.

WWE 2K22 – Details

WWE 2K22 is the upcoming game of the WWE franchise. It is the 26th game of the franchise and the ninth game under the 2K banner. With a dynamic roster like always, we will get to play as our favorite wrestlers. The game is produced by Visual Concepts. The game is yet to have an exact release date, but it is supposed to hit the market in March 2022. The past WWE games have made several mistakes in different sections of the game and likewise were rated quite low by the critics. This time they will look to correct all of their past mistakes and make a game that everyone can enjoy. The game is scheduled to launch on every gaming platform, including the next-gen consoles.

WWE 2K22 - Everything We Know
WWE 2K22 – New Features

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WWE 2K22 – Features

The most important news that came to our hands regarded the upcoming game is that many new features will be added to the games. The graphics will be much better than their predecessors. The trailer showcased this feature. Starting from Brock Lesnar to Drew McIntyre, it was looking as if they were cast in the game. Another feature is the new and better Gameplay Engine. It does not look much, but these small details develop the game a lot. The game will also have the new WWE 2K Showcase. The career mode will have better features too. At the moment, we do not know what those features will be. But one thing is for sure, that we will have a game of the year contender.

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WWE 2K22 – Latest Additions

The feature which has been recently added to the game is the ‘MyGM’ mode. It is the General Mode made. In WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 game, this feature made its last appearance. Fans are excited to see this feature return. The player will manage a wrestler and keep a check on all his, or her activities. Starting from managing contracts, to book matches, and the best thing is that the GM can also attempt to run the WWE. This is giving us the ‘Paul Heyman’ feeling. Lynell Jinks, the Creative Director, told in an interview that it sums up the story from going to school gyms to top TV stars.


The MyCareer mode will have a new name: MyRISE mode. It features the journey of rookie wrestlers who achieves their dream of winning it on the grandest stages of all time. The WWE 2K Showcase will allow the player to relive an iconic match of certain WWE Superstars. One of the new features other than MyGM is ‘MyFACTION’. This section will allow the player to build a faction of superstars from all the eras of WWE. Battles and challenges need to be completed to progress further. Ultimately, the faction will have to face the likes of New Day, The nWo, DX, The Hart Foundation, etc. This shows how good the game is going to be. But the only thing we can do is to wait for it to come out.

Masked Kane Will Be In The Game

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