1970 Brazil Team: The Best Ever?

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1970 Brazil Team
1970 Brazil Team

The 1970 Brazil Team is regarded as one of the best national teams in the world, if not the best. That team was incredible, to say the least, and had one of the best chemistry ever. So many talented players were assembled in just one team, and usually, such a line-up does not click. But the reverse happened in this case. They gelled so much together that they even won the 1970 world cup. It was an era of great teams, powerful teams, mixed with a lot of passion and aggression. It was Brazil’s ninth time participating in the competition. They are the only country to represent themselves in every World Cup. The lineup was extraordinary, full of attacking options and flair. Pele was reaching the end of his career but was still at his peak. Overall, the football display was at its best in 1970.

There were front five in that Brazil team of 1970. Jairzinho, Gerson, Pele, Tarstao, and Rivelino were the five options, all to play at once for the team. It was an attacking bomb that bombarded other teams’ dangerous areas. It was a world cup that saw a dominant force in the making and reaching its end target. A full display of Samba-style football. This was nothing less than a spectacle for the fans, even though there are big teams as well. All the focus was on the Brazilian National team. The 1970 world cup was held in Mexico, a country in Central America. But it was the boys from the southern hemisphere who stole the show.

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1970 Brazil Team: How The World Cup Happened?

The 1970 Brazil Team came in with a lot of confidence after not being able to win the previous world cup. It was a big disappointment for a team like Brazil, watching the world cup go to England the previous time. So, the team that was selected was young, fearless, and full of confidence. The maximum age in the lineup was the goalkeeper, who was 32 at that time. Pele and a couple of other players were closing in on 30, and the rest were very young. This young team faced Czechoslovakia in the first match of the group stage. Czechoslovakia was always considered a tough team of that era, and they had great players. When the match started, nothing turned out what everyone had expected. That Brazil created a ruckus on the pitch, and the opponents had no answer to that. Pele and company won the match 4-1.

1970 Brazil Team Performance 1
1970 Brazil Team

The second group match was against the defending champions, England. England was a tough team to beat and had some of the best players in the world. It was a tough match as Brazil could not score as many goals as they would have liked. At the hour mark, Jairzinho scored the only goal in the match, and the defending champions were defeated. Like this, they easily marched to the quarter-finals of the world cup, where they faced Peru. The battle of the South American nations was in line, and Brazil thrashed Peru 4-2. They faced Uruguay in the semi-final and won the match quite easily, 3-1. In the final, they faced a strong defensive team in Italy. Brazil won the final, dominating the game completely, winning it 4-1.

Best Team Goal Ever?

The 1970 Brazil team scored probably the best team goal in the history of football. Their 4th and final goal against Italy in the final was really beautiful to watch. They started passing the ball from the defense, taking it to the midfield, and then to Pele. Pele sees the run of their captain and right-back, Carlos Alberto, completely empty. He passes the ball to him, and he hits a powerful shot on the run into the back of the net.


1970 Brazil Team
1970 Brazil Team

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